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What were you hoping for when you join journey? I just wanted to write music with the guys that mattered that people would love and embracing taking their hearts. There's nothing else meant more to me than to be part of that. With carry out front. The band had a slew of top forty hits in the eighties and was back on a commercial role in the nineties when he left it all behind. What was that like? It was tough. Tough. What'd you do therapy. We're back to my hometown, which the fair in the summertime that comes to an effort seems you might understand a little more about why Steve Perry left when you know where he came from. Hanford California population fifty six thousand is in the heart of the Golden State's sprawling farm country for young, Steve Perry, it was the world. Were you happy here and hampered. Wow, you know when I was living here, I was really love him being here, but Steve's father left when he was seven. It was a loss. He still feels to this day. He used to sing to me. To sing to me. Like when I see four years old, he's Cigna me and when the divorce happened, it was a credible loss to me. As it changed at all? No, they're happier memories here to Hanford superior. Dairy has been in the same spot for nearly ninety years and around here they do ice cream in a big way. A single scoop is roughly the size of a cantaloupe. Sunday's are colossal. Steve is still a favorite son. And of course they still make his favorite flavor. This is a school. This is a single, it's like a milk chocolate. Excuse me. Okay. What. Sorry. Is there kind of like a flood of memories and feeling have so many memories in this place and it's still the same. No matter what happens. No matter how successful or unsuccessful you can always come back. Have some ice cream. It's gonna be okay. And he was living here in hampered when he got the call that would change his life forever. After bouncing around a series of small time bands, he joined up with journey in nineteen seventy seven and helped give the world some of its best loved songs..

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