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Do you think made walmart now realize this yeah the it's they're still selling all of the tabloids aren't they all the tabloid yes maxim fhm national enquirer and all that kind of stuff yes rage when michael and i were fourteen and i say that national enquirer they get it right right they do tend to get it right yes they do so yes kuzma pulled all these columns about what you need to do in bed and all these sorts of things and what i'm sort of what every kid with an iphone kid have the total exploration of the universe now pulling cosmopolitan from walmart is not going to allow little johnny groping a world without sex stop it seriously just stopping reverend lou evangelical don't care about stormy so why are you why are you do you do you have the news on on the doctor i didn't have that but it's basically i don't trump has appointed his the presidential doctor presence doctor who has no experience in management or running anything apparently would have been to what did he do they said the president was two hundred thirty nine pounds that got him a job that's the tape you got the job yes yes donald trump appoints people he knows people he watches on tv which is why i said to aldridge the other day you could be the secretary of commerce if trump like the nba bryant he would go david turner he's pretty good how'd you like to be sectarian commerce tune in next week on trump to see what he does next roseanne did very well the reboot we talked about this briefly yesterday i never watched it i was a fan of this but apparently people were very excited for the two premiere attracted eighteen point two million viewers mendes for a television series that's tremendous abc's best results for an hour long telecast since the fall of two thousand six this tremendous with all of the things you can watch now to actually watch one show on network television this is what the other night the interview would stormy daniels on sixty minutes twenty russ who million people in sort these are nfl playoff numbers and that's what people want it's very smart the way they've marketed it in the sense of tying roseanne to trump because there's a.

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