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And is this morning? Basically saying somebody found her in the back sleeping covered with a blanket and officers got here they determined that it wasn't her. But it turned out to be someone else who is in the car. Police found a crack pipe and beer in the car that ran a red. Andrew mollenbeck, KFI news. Mother of four in LA has been accused of keeping her special needs son locked in a closet and extremely underfed. The LAPD says year old Yonathan Aguilar only way thirty four pounds when he died, Veronica Aguilar is facing charges in connection with alleged neglect that led to the boy's death. Hundreds of people have showed up to a taco fundraiser for the family of, in LA county sheriff's deputy murdered Alhambra sergeant, Richard Lewis says there was so much interest in the event it was forced to move to the park, it was going to be a very small thing, just sort of interdepartmental just to inter family thing Louis deputies from the same academy class. Joseph Solano came up with the idea to raise money for the family Solano was shot in the head at random last week, a citizens group. Has started a campaign to recall LA mayor Garcetti. We have a big fight ahead of us, which is why we are also asking the mayor to step down because he should not. He's put this city through enough. He should step down. You know we realize it's going to be a big effort. The group spokeswoman Alexandra data says Elliot's homeless problem is out of control. She started an online petition calling for Garcetti's recall two weeks ago, but those signatures will not qualify. She says more than ninety two hundred people signed the online petition three hundred fifteen thousand signatures will be needed to put the recall on the ballot in two thousand twenty Garcetti's term is up in twenty twenty to the Orange County Fire authority has started encrypting scanners which can prevent information from getting out quickly during disasters, California disasters is one of many sites on social media that monitor first responder scanner traffic. Kim noise runs the page, and says, journalists and people stuck in a given disaster. Depend on people running sites like his to get info out, instantly knowledge of the geography of the road systems. People have firefighting backgrounds people know whether those EFA communication director Colleen Windsor agrees. We think that, that is an advantage for the community, especially during emergencies who says this week, the new oh, CFA fire chief is trying to get the scanners changed back in Orange County. Corporate Carson KFI news random searches of students have been ended by the school board. ACLU attorney, anima does is the board determined the searches. Disrupt learning time and dehumanize students. We think that random searches are discriminatory. Children report that they feel criminalized by the policy that they feel targeted by the policy. The policy is set to end by July of next year, but searches can still be done if officials have reasonable suspicion some board members say wanting students with metal detectors was a safe deterrent Janata ended without an alternative in place from the southern California Toyota dealers traffic center, we make it easy brash, on the ninety one in cerita. This is along the westbound side coming up on karma Nita. So watch out here. It's been. Blocking the carpool and left lanes. That'll be with us for a while longer. Traffic loading up coming away from beach boulevard. It's out to riverside with Mike O'Brien KFI in the sky, sponsored by injury attorneys superwoman super lawyer dot com. He's away. It's trouble here of the ninety one eastbound Tyler now they hit some roadwork, the carpool way for quite some time this afternoon. But I just watch clear in the last few minutes. So told we cover. They're out of corona pretty much about her back to about main street there before you get that far. You'll have the normal heavy stuff through standing again, pretty much now for we're Canada over green river. No should rise there in the south fifteen north surprise there. That's loaded up the dining through guile co injured in an accident. There's superwoman super lawyer dot com like O'Brien KFI in the sky KFI in the sky helps sketchy there faster. I'm Angel Martinez shower of the John and Ken show is brought to you by solar max, get a fifteen panel system for just forty nine dollars a month. Good until June thirtieth. Dial.

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