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Which had some major provisions in one of being allowing Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices. But also applying those prices to private companies on you know when you think about insulin insulin been around for one hundred years. But we've seen a thousand percent increase in the price of insulin over the last decade and you know in so we have to do something to control. The incredible increases in prices that we're seeing. Across this country. One thing that was important piece of that act also was a two thousand. Dollar cap on expenditures for prescription drugs for Medicare recipients so Many, important pieces of that legislation bringing the cost to prescription drugs down, which is so important to so many Americans who. Are, forced to either make the tough decision to not take the full dose which has its own health ramifications or forgo it completely. So that's why this was such an important piece of legislation. Unfortunately, it's sitting on Mitch McConnell's deaths like so many pieces of legislation we passed this Congress. Bipartisan it did receive some Republican votes. One question I want to ask you congresswoman is this a? Surprise when I first learned that the Medicare program does not cover dental procedures. I subsequently learned it doesn't cover things such as eye exams for prescription glasses routine foot care, which is so important to people suffer from diabetes.

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