Espn, NFL, Rape discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz


So the draft is tonight and espn is obligated this is really is crazy when you think and we'll get to the reuben foster situation second because have you seen what's happening there this one's fascinating where reuben foster the reason that you many of you know his name is because he stands accused of being someone who hit his girlfriend ten times in the head and broker eardrum and now she has recanted her story and told police that he was in a fight with somebody else and that he's not the one who did that to her and i don't know what's true we don't know what's true but this is exactly the murky area in which the nfl shouldn't be leading on this stuff because ruben foster right now i don't know what the hell happened but if a woman is coming forth and trying to room in ruin his career because she's been scorned and she got into a fight with someone else because there seems to be video evidence of reuben foster didn't do this to her and it's the reason the forty niners were sticking right by him saying there's more information here that's being reported but this is the reason the nfl should not be involved as the moral authority on these matters even as it tries to legislate something that legal system can't because domestic abuse rape the he said she said stuff makes it very hard in a court of law to prosecute these things in the nfl is telling you where bub that law we're going to do it and this is the reason they can't because now you get a situation the women are the victims here by grand percentages but if there is an outlier where a woman is trying to ruin someone's career the men are not going to support that in your audience the men are going to be like nope ruben fosters victim here of a scorned woman and the nfl doesn't need to be in these discussions the nfl by proclaiming itself a moral authority has made itself so that reuben foster is in the middle of this whether he wants to or not reuben foster ten years ago before goodell did all this iran fisted stuff we would've never heard the name we would've never talked about this story now it's good that we're talking about this.

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