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Points making easy work the Brown and Bella steelers. Tom Brady is now six at home against the black and Yellow Matt's Kellerman. You're up. I and I hear the sound hold on. I got some sound for you. There's a lot of things to improve. I could certainly do a lot better job in in certain areas so get back to work I game. It's good to start. WanNa know you know. Some guy's made some big plays. I I love how Phil Play Josh Place Gills. Did I think the receiving group so it was. It was some things build on. Try to try improve next week. I wasn't good enough wasn't given guys balls and they needed to catch them. Put them in front behind things like that so I just I wasn't good enough all right now. I got the sound of the pats unstoppable with. Ab Look does it mean. There's no scenario that the giants had this incredible all time historical upset of the Mino- seven when they went eighteen and before they finally lost to the giants by the skin of their teeth so it's not like there won't be any drama at a- all potentially but they're the overwhelming favorites right now guys Josh Gordon let for before we get to. Ab can we focus on Josh Josh Gordon when he's on the field you realize as a rookie the only rookie in the last what fifteen years at the receiver position that was like Josh Gordon Gordon or better was Odell Beckham Junior. Josh Google was such a transcendent talent as soon as he entered the league. It was like that guy's a top three to five wideout already. He's a baby who's to say. He can't get better than that. 'cause he looked like that again yesterday and even the things he's putting out on social media talking about his problems have different sound to me than they used to like starting like he sounds to me like a guy actually in recovery or at least making an effort. We'll see if that hold but when he's on the field the question was how are they going to replace Gronk right well. How's IT GONNA replace grunk receiving shop like his receiving talent had receded did he was great in other areas but as a receiver he wasn't the same anymore at tight end. Josh Gordon's a huge step up from that if he can stay on the field and then they add a be there already the super bowl champions. Josh Gordon Better Receiver than rocket this. AB is the greatest dist offensive player other than Brady in the history of the Franchise Day One Randy Moss when he joined the Patriots was amazing but he was past his prime the middle of his prime and even prime two prime ready. Moss is a good argument. They just added the best offensive weapon they've ever had to a team that just won the super bowl and has a resurgent Josh Gordon they're on they will be a running game. How about their or. DB's there unreal how about the fact that they did that to Pittsburgh. They can make a mockery of your defensive game plan. Although Pittsburgh did a pretty good job of doing that and stuff stephen you you added to this mix there unstoppable. Well you know what skies blue. I'll answer that question too. It's obvious I mean. There's nothing to talk about here. The Patriots are clearly the team to beat in terms of that there is no denying that at an aide coup as a given why am I responding and starting off this show that Way Ladies Ladies and gentlemen because my focus is not on that my focus is on the Pittsburgh steelers to measure my disgust. I mean the combination of Ab Antonio Brown and what happened this weekend and the steelers. I almost want to come to work because I'm scared wouldn't go see on the right now. I'm scared I'm really really scared so I'm GonNa take a break before I go into any Soliloquy Trot because I'm scared. Oh what's GONNA come out of my mouth. What how disgusted custody I am but since we started the show the Patriots steelers game. Let me get into the steelers. Max Kellerman API was last night and even if he you weren't last night he don't play defense now. I'm looking at this offense an offense that when it gets that patriotdepot and I'm like what the hell were. Oh you big Ben Rothlisberger all this noise that took place in the off season the first time we really really see you kids Brady. Who's going to be a first ballot hall of fame. I understand you're not him but they can. You at least show that you belong in the same state could at least do that. I mean after all that was the Pittsburgh steelers citing supposedly your showed up at Foxboro. You had to take a plane rod for crying out loud. How many Damn Big Ben Contract Act like a hall of fame quarterback yourself. Just straight garbage misses throws all night long Juju Smith Schuster your number one. We all recognize recognizes the number one but in a Tonio Brown no longer day Oh Saddam but it's going to be very different because you don't have to eight security blanket your the number one do and I blame Yale because I was on that tip. Dammit I need to see it. I need to see it and then outlet you. Soften me because it kept talking about Jew Jew via the number one number one number one and I'm not saying that he's not but I needed to see that on Sunday night against a reigning meaning the Super Bowl Champs. They bought out champion economies Gaspar Eat Super Bowl Championship crossing rolling to put insult Robert Kraft Chile on the everything was going on. This is before the game. Even if you want to hold on this as odd you go to listen to I'm. I'm not saying this to say that I started with being. I spoke to do then this James His name. I'm looking at it because I want to double check ten ruts but twenty eight yards and averaged two point one yards a carry the taking up of love your belt. There's nothing to believe in that you ready for that and then suddenly you stick up up the joint. I'm just sitting there going like this down. I mean you're just can't beat this team. In foxborough and five companies you probably own six now now have been built. They did beat him last year but I'm just saying my players. This is coaching law. Listen listen. I'm sorry I'm certainly not absolving. Mike Taiz admitted we weren't prepared or whatever I mean. Damn the at the end of the day. I'm I am not surprised at two loss but I make you happy with the I'll bring up a whole box and analogy. You know we we saw Trinidad a day beat people okay but what did he do to. William Joppy Alisher walked right through them and I'm talking about but remember remember the first round the drop them in the boy was dizzy from that point forward. He just kept them around for the fourth of just simply saying you just look at the steelers. It's one thing to lose but it's another thing to get beat down spank. I understand I'm a giants fan but you don't have that much talent. The steelers durals stay right there the problem here. Look you know my favorite coaches Mike Tomlin. If I were a player I wanNA play for Mike Tomlin but he got on dressed exposed by Bill Belichick that was a coaching mismatch and the the shame of it was talking to Damien Woody for the show the shame of it. Mike Tomlin was a defensive coordinator. What that was not coordinated defense. That was a defense coordinated to get get slashed looking at the offense. They got embarrassed and they always get embarrassed by the Patriots. You have all this time to prepare and this is what you come up with Tomlin to me. That's an embarrassing loss for the coach more than for anyone and I'm just all I'm saying listen. There's no shame in losing the the Patriots but my God show up and act like you belong on the field compete. They did it do that. The steelers got smacked around. I mean it was embarrassing. Yeah just to Barris Boston needs seven rings book. What's going on everybody. I'm only care man. You're listening to the first take podcast. I WanNa tell you about hymns a wellness brand specifically for men. You've heard US talking about him and how they're helping guys look their best if you haven't yet it's time to see what they're they're all about. So here's the deal sixty six percent of men start losing the hair at the age of thirty five completely natural once you've noticed.

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