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And feeling great we had another note here this is odd an actress who played young superman's friend in the tv show smallville on the cw network back in the early twenty tens pleads not guilty to charges she helped recruit women into a cult like group allison mack charged yesterday with sex trafficking after federal prosecutors said she worked as a slave master recruiting women to a group led by man who sold himself as a self improvement guru to the stars back entered her plea not guilty in federal court brooklyn a bail hearing will be held on monday which tells me she's spending the weekend in federal correctional center in new york city all right so that's our entertainment news this morning so oh beyond say did we not mention her while beyond is preparing for her second coachella concert this weekend her i is still making waves especially at historically black colleges and universities to which she played tribute at coachella with the grand performance last weekend reigniting interest in the marching band culture and creating shock waves of excitement for students attending those tools she is planning to donate one hundred thousand dollars to four black universities twentyfive thousand each to tuskegee the cookman xavier university of louisiana and wilberforce university so there you go be doing some good and she will she is the first black artists to headline coachella or a major any major rock music festival so all good all right joining me now the aforementioned tessa roy.

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