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There's only five games, but he was. He was playing great basketball and I believe statistically he may have averaged more than harden points per game since they went smart very close, so my point is this. If what I'm GonNA throw at you. If westbrook is the better player in the play offs of the two, if Westbrook is the better player in the finals and wins the finals MVP. Who does this boost still boosts hardens legacy more, or does it boost Westbrook's legacy more and now? He's regarded historically as the better player. Okay, so I'm going to humor you with this argument with this with this debate. Because first thing is, they cannot win I. You can't I championship game I am not. I agree with you know I'm saying what you can't win without. You cannot win a championship with James Harden as your best best player. We all know a couple of years ago. Have Golden State down three to if. Paying the whole where it would be a kitchen Chris. So I'm just GONNA. Go with the fact that they can't win, but for the sake of the debate here is if. Westbrook had the better playoffs. I mean like from start to finish and carry the team. It would be bigger boost to his legacy than it would be too hard, and because it would be one of those Oh. kind of like what they said about Lebron at the beginning of his career when he first wanted to champ well when he went to Miami Oh. He needed somebody else to make the shots for him. You needed this. He needed that he needed to savior. And that's what they will say about James Harden that? Russell, Westbrook. People have said Oh. You can't win with him. He's a phenomenal talent all these things, but but he just can't win. He can't jail with teammates. All of that, so it would be a bigger. Boost for Westbrook legacy than it would be for James Harden especially if he carried them, but. Trump. He told they cannot. You cannot win a championship with a guy who D- Who is who doesn't put it on the line every day on both ends of the floor like you. I like Steph curry isn't a great defender, but at least he tries, and you have ties hard and checks out. He does participate in the offense when he's not dominating the ball. You can't win like that period I think he could win a I. Don't think they can win it this year I think they're gonNA. RUN INTO ONE OF THE LA teams and losing the second round. If they even get past the first round so I'm with you on that they they're a long shot in my view. But I'll give him just a punchers chance because they do have to great players, but I. Don't think I, I'm not against hardened being able to win a championship, because again a few years ago, and I I still personally think golden state was gonNA come back and win, even though they were down three to going to Houston, however with Houston having home court well however. I still. Got A admit they were up three two, and if Chris Paul doesn't hurt his hamstring. Maybe Houston wins that series May. Be Clean Yeah. It's a maybe we don't know so, but I I think. These guys are very close, historically very.

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