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The LAPD He spent nearly 50 years in law enforcement He's now executive chairman of risk at teneo commissioner Bratton It sounds like there's a big challenge ahead for district district attorneys A big challenge ahead for police officers and police chiefs around the country If you were advising politicians right now because you did say blame the politicians for the rise the increase in crime that we've seen around the country what would you advise them to do What's the delicate line that they need or the delicate needle that they need to thread when it comes to building that trust up with the community what the same time empowering their officers to keep crime off the streets What I would suggest is watch what Eric Adams the mayor of New York is up to in the sense of he's trying to do He is moved from the left to center in terms of trying to get more people onto common ground from the progressive left from the center right And the advice to any of these mayors is this idea that to control crime you need the police but you need police to please compassionately consistently saying a white neighborhood is black neighborhoods and constitutionally legally And so their role is to ensure that their police departments operate in a transparent manner And engaged in constitutional policing And we have been able to do that now than ever Body cameras we have a lot more to be an oversight We have better train police offices But we are dealing with a legacy of historic tension between police and minority communities But in New York City the irony was 2018 the safest year in the history of our city that the geo population in New York which was largely a minority population had been reduced from 22,000 over peak course in 20 years to about an average of 5000 in a state prison population was down by about 40% So that we had been able to control crime so dramatically that we effectively changed the behavior of a lot of people that they remained law abiding They didn't break the law They didn't evade the fear They weren't in the times when marijuana was not legal They weren't smoking marijuana in public So a lot of the minor type crime that got so many in trouble that this is what the progressive left is trying to change the enforcement practices but there are some people in that population if you will of those who are inclined to not obey the rules that you have to punish you can not let people keep getting away and never pay in the field doing what they want to do at any time of the day and night It's not how democracy works So we've engaged in a very interesting debate and dilemma at the moment And I look at the state the skills of justice the symbol of justice in America The scales right now would ship very heavily in favor of the reforms of the progressive left Well enchanted some needed but too far And what we have as a result is this growing fear of crime is growing actual amount of crime as evidence in almost every major American city Good news is that's what we're facing in 1990 I'm informed by history I lived it And I know how it changed And the good news is with leadership like Eric is trying to provide based on his knowledge of history maybe we can change it again but it's going to take a lot of people kind of coming to send from the it's kind of like the troops in World War I getting out of the trenches and coming in at no man's land and trying to kill each other Commissioner Bratton one thing I want to ask you is you have had senior positions as we said in New York Boston LA you have seen a lot of crisis situations and having to bring together different constituents What can you tell us about the process right now of what's going on We know a certain amount of information a lot came out of that briefing just a couple of hours ago And yet officials are still telling us that it might be weeks before we know a lot a lot more What kind of questioning is going on Tell us a little bit of what's going on behind the scenes Relative to the specifics of yesterday shooting incidents in the press conference of his hello The building of the prosecution case now begins the gathering of huge amounts of evidence the interviewing of hundreds of witnesses and victims miles upon miles of video that will be going through questioning hopefully of the suspect in the sense that he will lawyer up And that loyal adviser about to say anything is whether he chooses to or not as people would love to understand a little more about motivation other than just a social media post Issue of concern here in terms of the ability to prosecute him is he mentally sound to prosecute or is he so emotionally unstable that they determine that he can't be held to be Schwartz both his actions There's also the issue that the federal government has now taken over the case under the terrorism statute.

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