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You given the lose gift certificate to everybody's a winner here I can't solid season I can't let just because you get a wrong I can't let you not walk away with your guest right you banish was having on the roads in in this got yeah right forty degrees at all here things looking pretty good till about midnight little bit after we're going to start seeing some scattered freezing drizzle possible all be gone by morning time temperatures will be falling throughout Saturday the roadways right now I'm bound Stevenson we got an accident blocking the two right lanes of between the Dan Ryan at Pulaski road right now travel times fifty nine minutes from lake shore drive to my three fifty five we've got delays on the metro Milwaukee north line and now we are seeing some trains that are being taken off of the the schedule train number twenty one thirty three scheduled to arrive in Deerfield at five forty three will not operate past Glenview due to the earlier days of delays caused by train twenty one twenty nine and train twenty one thirty five will accommodate those passengers we've got several police activities all of them shootings one at homestead near west fifty First nother of Cicero sixteenth in another western at Adams I'm Roger battered from the eye doctor traffic center reminding you to drive responsibly it really is a matter of life or death right now when you come in and switch to T. mobile you get the amazing iPhone eleven pro on us iPhone tennis traded aren't these mountains majestic joke are you even looking I'm posting these amazing pics I took with my iPhone Levin pro it has three.

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