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Is a retired airline pilot when you are dealing with what we call a high-speed aboard which is anything, over about eighty. Knots there are so many things you could go, wrong it's. Mind boggling eight people were injured. Two critically a federal judge in Seattle is. Temporarily blocked the release, of blueprints, to, make three d printable guns available online eight states sued to block the release which was to begin tonight. But will not, now vice president Pence goes to Hawaii tomorrow. We'll he'll wear he'll, receive the, remains of fifty five US soldiers killed in the Korean conflict released by North Korea State, department spokeswoman Heather Nauert profound data. Gratitude to those American service members who gave their lives in. Service to their country so long ago we are working diligently to bring them home Richard Cantu ABC news Stay connected. Stay informed KOMO news KOMO news. Time four thirty one in Seattle we have mostly clear skies and seventy. Eight degrees in for Tom Glasgow I'm. Taylor van Cise with Elisa Jaffe a federal judge in Seattle has put a temporary stop to. Making three, d guns on printers US district judge Robert last night issued a temporary restraining order against a downloadable blueprint. For three d. guns this afternoon this comes. One day after Washington and seven other states filed a lawsuit yesterday to block the Trump administration from allowing such blueprints state attorney general Bob Ferguson. Hopes to make the order permanent it is unlawful. To make, us for anyone criminal for, example someone who's a domestic abuser some who's not does not have the legal right on. A firearm, to download these plastic The company defense distributed of Austin. Texas was preparing to make the three d. downloadable, files, available, tomorrow we've reached, out to the second amendment..

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