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Drill and Rosaria restaurant. I everybody welcome back to food for thought on a Sunday night deli Kosta and Jimmy Johnson here. And we're brought to you by the boxer. Hey, I never do this on Sunday show. And I don't know why. But what do we have on dining playbook this week? Oh, yeah. It's a good idea about some of these spots because it's a pretty well pack, Shawna. Gralow you're listening at Nessin we go rhino playbook for those who are listening. That aren't familiar is our food and dining program that airs Nessin. So where you watch your Red Sox where you watch your Bruins. You can also watch billion myself giving you the dining guide that happens within New England. So we'll tell you where to eat and what t- when you get there this weekend. It'll be Saturday mornings at nine AM. And then, of course, Sunday night, a repeat at nine piano. We are headed down to one ten grill in Saugus that is a fast growing restaurant group. We've actually had the CEO Ryan Dion on the show before. Yeah. But their newest location is Saugus, and they have thirteen more opening up this year you. Recently had dinner we had dinner there last Saturday night. It was unbelievable. And by the way, Pat, this is where the hilltop was legendary and the cactus is living larger than life because they put in two thousand LED lights on the cactus and everything. But anyway, the bar alone was like four or five people deep. They have great cocktails and great, delicious food items salad salad with salmon the other day. That was very so whaling in Oklahoma is actually actually on the show is well, tell me about that. I'm curious a funny. It's it's it's sort of tongue in cheek obviously, there is no wailing and Oklahoma as it is landlocked. So it is the I I suppose the ultimate irony. There's a Japanese focus, but it's also American which again is ironic cripe because what is similar between Japanese food in American food not much. But he's making that happen. He's a very, very smart guy. Smart and funny and sassy he had rebelious. Storage, which was an incredible restaurant in Brooklyn that has since closed and this is right on Tremont street in the south end probably been road opened right before Vienna was born. So it's been about five months since it's been opening and since it's been opened, and it's it's very wellness out then so we're going to be there as our new kid on the block. Okay. Then we also give you a nice cocktail to recreate at home from city bar. So we love the lenox hotel. Dan, Donahue, runs a great operation in there. And we have a nice cocktail that you can recreate at home where you can enjoy inside there. And then Bella Luna is a spot that's been around for twenty five years. Okay. So anything that's been around for twenty five years is obviously doing something, right? Bella is in Jamaica plain, and they have a really interesting design bowling alley to used to be no more. But, but it's a nice place to go for a really tasty meal, and then and and some activities in that back area, which they would just fun, and then you are talking with David pasternack. Oh, yeah. The Boston Bruins. What I do. I hang with the Bruins. Well, he's a cool guy is a very cool guy. He's a he's an impressive guy. So he's going to be on the show this week. So that gives you a ran that rundown of things you wanna make sure you check out the cool guys, and you and I the other day shot a Tuscan kitchen seaport. Yeah. And I was at Tuscan kitchen for a private party not too long ago. And I got to hang out with rob gronkowski's brother, Gordon, who I guess is a regular seaport. So while you, and I were shooting there the other day, they brought out their famous Tomahawk steak, which is the size of the small car the rib bone like is about to feet bigger than Billy. Let's put it. Yeah. And and then they blurt out that well this happens to be rob gronkowski's favorite steak. I love this story. Forty will call late night Nash. Yes. Jaffna meshes so talented. But it's true. They get calls late nights saying Greg's hungry. Yeah. Okay. And so what do you do when gronkowski's hungry? Bring them a Tomahawk. Absolutely. And speaking of gronk it turns out he was hit in the face a beer can at the parade. The rolling rallied the other day and actually was on Falun the other night talking about it. We've got a clip right here. Something. Time. We have literally there was like five nipple shots. There were by five or more thrown at one time. And then there was like five years come at one time. And we everyone on the duck boats Juki on we're getting good practice in for next season. And then next thing, you know, I moved back a little I just chilling looking pool. You say that. Beer, can right. Yeah. Actually like has kind of a cut on his face. Oh god. Well, he he can handle it there. I can handle it. I don't wanna be throwing everything out him. But he can handle the gronk and handle it. We were actually with him also at Dhabi ios. Oh, that's right. When they four. Yeah. They did a really cool raffle for both children's hospital and gronk nonprofit as well as not light team together. And we're able to send some people down to the Super Bowl, and they got some amazing press surrounding that. But I was able to chat with him a little bit. He's he's actually a really cool smart earth guy. He's doing and we were talking about how much he's changed his diet. He hasn't had a drink in seven months. I don't I'm sure I'm hopefully, he celebrating right now playing catch-up in the parade guzzling from a five hundred dollar. Yes. Good for him. He deserves it. But it is it has been really nice to to sort of get to know him and know how how much is paying attention to what he's eating. And of course, Tom Brady is an influence there. TB twelve on. But he also talked about on dining playbook a lot about his family, and what it was like growing up and how his mother pretty much lived when she wasn't on the sports field. She was at the grocery store because they're five giant boys. You can only imagine how much she had to buy all made it to professional sports for them were drafted in the NFL and one was dragged me MLB like that's an incredible story. Yeah. So it's been nice to catch up with him. And of course, we are very excited. New Englanders with the patriots Super Bowl win. Okay. We have more food for thought coming up in just a minute..

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