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So i of all. I appreciate Has on this but junior stop often. Fear that speaking of the damage that korea's so we have to be aware of all of that and listening to the other side and spending two hours of being made aware of how it feels like for the other side. I think is not a waste of time or money and indeed it shouldn't replace processes and robust blows gross in modest additional to it and i found it incredibly helpful but it's still not necessarily going to solve the problem. Let let me ask you both. I mean i understand about cultural things but this is a real concern that you'll both shat to make sure that the issue does improve and as i keep saying we've got such a recent example of something here while this course has been available and only last week. What what would you say. Lord heseltine should be in place pops in addition or as you would say in replacement of this course there should be proper. Hr machine with an identifiable manages to the The offended party knows they have an immediate rights of access and they should use it. Do you think just just to build on that case from last week the husband calls there have been calls for the conservative. Mp to actually be made to resign mechanism for expect me to comment on the individual case about which i have no knowledge that by being as you talk about systems and at the moment that's one of the systems isn't it very hope house that people are concerned about that. If you do raise your voice that there isn't actually a mechanism to get rid of that person as well indeed. We need to have a process into which people have confidence a too often. It looks by and people are not empowered. Don't have confidence in the process. So you have to ask those people of what would be the process that would give them confidence and not again is about listening very carefully to the other side and not assuming things that i think we are not to see lord heseltine vera. Hobhouse thank you very much. The house of lords said this value. I everyone training is an important strand of the work within parliament to ensure that everyone here is able to.

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