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And it is so bitchy like my mom's biggest complaint like when she does anybody need anything from the store, and we're like. Nothing. I don't want anything in my Syria, the Just coaches. the store. Like may. I ask how we meant to feed the largest army already went to the store. Drag even eat she's all bitchy about the dragons into nurses, slick sitter like whatever they want bitch. I've been nice you this is the nicest I've been to anybody in my entire life. Okay. Don't shave me. She's like case given noticed I've been walking around with those giant as army for seven years. And last time I checked actually none of them eat anything. So don't worry about it. That's true too. They never do. I'm gay lesson. Everybody. Yeah. It's time for commercial. It's time for crap comedy show. So we see Gandhari doesn't it Gandhari. Right gandhari. He's like, he's, you know, he's making stuff dragon glass, and then we see Tyrian he walks over to Santa. And he's like the last time we spoke at Jeffries, Jefferies, wedding miserable. And she goes it had its moments. Everyone is based is like an old theater. Green on this show. That's what the turned into totally here for it. Oh my God. I love it. I love it. I like him in Palm Springs so for leaving so fast leaving to be molded by your father. He's like, well, you know, we all do we gotta do. She's like. Yep. We survived. I got a Han oil treatment, my hair's got an adorable. Cut him. I was given enough labral to make this beautiful dress. Exactly. And so they just have a conversation where he's basically like people didn't didn't think you'd survive and just and then she's she's like, oh, you think your sister says he's going to send an army? Yes. Do whatever. So they're talking. And then for me, what was it -nificant that they have this whole little conversation. And at the end, they like look out over the edge and brand is just the courtyard staring at them like stop it. Ran has stopped cruising brand. Okay. The dead. People are coming awkward. So then John and the bloody eyed tree, John the buddy, I treat the eyes are bleeding Guarany. Like, that's kind of how it works. So and John have this family. How did this family ever have? I know that everybody has gone through a lot. I know that this family has gone through a lot of shit on this show, but everybody's gone through a lot of shit on the show K. Find some joy in life. Everybody talks to each other in the families like Hannah's steep it headed. Just kidding. Got to hard from me. Let us have gently. That's kind of funny because area finds John at at the tree. And then they it's like she's like at first, but then they hug, and then it's actually it was so sweet because she was like really smiling. And I feel like she hasn't smiled in about five seasons. So that was really nice. But then what had loved was this, totally passive aggressive moment. That was supposed to be enduring where John's like needle, you still have that thing. She's like, yeah. After have it you have used it onset twice. She likes showing it. She's like look at meetal is like, oh, cool. Look at this.

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