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Awesome is now that the other chair the code conference replacing wall but it was about them asking hair you adults world of some adults the oh seem like you could be the adults were looking for but i have a questionnaire here that would verify whether or not that is true and that was like a real just watching some of the videos that recode has posted that seems like a real theme of the thing whereas before in years past i mean this is the same conference where walton care had bill gates steve jobs on sage together and it was a much more here are the masters of the universe i think that vibe was they were established as the masters of the universe and now we've got a new class of people were vying for that sort of role that's a really good way to put it so like evan spiegel of course is not an adult yet i think he's still twelve maybe maybe but okay uber ceo dara khosro shot he was definitely there to like show that he's an adult but nobody was on stage is like to be celebrated as the master of the universe they were everybody was sort of contending with the idea that silicon valley people think of these conferences like silicon valley conferences that are about what's going on tech in this particular place and there's a whole bunch of venture capitalists and networking and bought about about but there was a real sense that what's what's actually going on is we're not here to celebrate you is like a titans of tak we're not here to show the world what is going on in this weird insular corner of of the planet where tech happens we recognize that the entire world all of democracy everything knows what's going on here now it's now we have to talk to you in that larger context not just in the hey look technology we're gonna explain it to everybody you know what i mean yeah i think that's exactly right i mean well it's just so.

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