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Act as your dog, a furry suit for ten bucks an hour or se-. He started the first ever people walking business. He'll take you out for seven bucks a Mile I. think it is a he is a dog Somali a and he has like canned foods and like alcohol three. Great. Water is. So. So you think that people are like asking people what what pairs with Alpo. Why I thought it was food to. Just wind. Dogs. I'm going to go with people walk up for seven locks a mile. I think he's really cutting short. I. Love. The fact that you knew enough that, hey, you knew what he was doing and b you knew he was under charging people a Stanford, Graduate School of Business Instructor Ladies and gentlemen you're right. That's what it was, and apparently there were a lot of people wanted to take them up on it. People wanted to go for walks with company yeah I can see that. Bill how tyra banks doing our quiz very very well, two out of three and she'll be wall singing and dancing with the stars. Congratulations. Thank you. Now you know how people feel when they win your competition I feel great tyra banks, a model actor host bestselling author, and you can next see her as the host of this season of dancing with the stars Mondays on. ABC tyra banks what a joy to talk to you. Thank you so much for joining us on. Wait wait. Don't tell me. Take Care, and thanks again and good luck with the show. Thank you so much I. Just. A minute bill promises the snozzberries tastes just like snozzberries in our listener.

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