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Zia and we will be needed is gene nick viall nick no that was not the thousand dollar selling the day frankness answered about seven or eight different clogged at doesn't come up until the one o'clock hour comes in dan taylor's got that all wrapped up you'll know that john reserve we just jet limited eagles we should telematically voice god knows i should have found that he fears and we set it at seven dan i know i need you do you say whatever you want to what am i saying whwhat i meant have 9 o'clock hour beyond rights uh uh gravity band bardot a good luck to the giants or playing the kansas city chiefs sunday afternoon at meant stadium with any luck being deep achieved under 50 points at skull for that he step dan taylor up next you know the deal and saw the day coming up in the one o'clock hour have a wonderful thing we can pray for our drew our police officers on are first responders we love you for listening and i love seat.

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