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The ATF for every year and have been 100% cooperative throughout the course of this investigation. Wyville says the Jenkins, who was first elected in 2006, has no intentions of stepping down from his job following the federal indictment, but will continue to surface sheriff as this plays out. He says Jenkins is represented by a private attorney. Particularly on WTO news and Frederick Maryland. Knew this evening along awaited report detailing accusations of child sexual abuse involving the Catholic archdiocese of Baltimore, going back 80 years is out. WTO's Kate Ryan has the first of our two stories. The Maryland attorney general's report details what it calls a long history of widespread abuse and systemic cover up by clergy and others in the archdiocese of Baltimore. Allegations of child sexual abuse date back to the 1940s, Maryland attorney general Anthony Brown released the nearly 500 page report that includes a list of 157 names, ten of them redacted of priests and other archdiocese personnel described as abusers. Also included in the report names of priests who served in the archdiocese of Baltimore, but were found to have committed sexual abuse outside of Maryland, including in Washington, D.C., and Virginia in a response to the report Baltimore archbishop William Lori said it details a quote reprehensible time in the history of the archdiocese and offered what he called his most earnest apology. Kate Brian, WTO P news. I'm Mike Morello, while the report's release gives a sense of relief to abuse survivors according to David Lorenz, who leads the Maryland chapter of the survivors network for those abused by priests. We recognize that what's being reported is horrendous and horrible. He says one thing the report shows is the church used to hold sway in the legal system to such an extent that they could just make a call and a priest could get off. And I don't think that's that is the norm anymore. Moving forward he says he hopes to see the report rereleased without redactions. Mike Morello, WTO P news. Just one day after video was released showing a U.S. park police officer shooting and killing a 17 year old D.C. boy, the Justice Department is launching a civil rights investigation

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