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I'm looking at an article from july of 2011 gene baseball commissioner bud seelig made eighteen million dollars that year roger goodell made half of that in fact blood seelig made as much as roger goodell and gary bettman be nhl commissioner combined how 'bout that that's changed a little bit here in the last six years with a roger goodell and i pull update their mc levin okay did you like the sky came last night sixty four percent say you ask is good so is this coming for real gear bill but sure why note it's pretty radical a yeah but i it gets people talking your curious you want to see it then you get to decide if you like it or not but i i still go back to the first down marker where i went man it so intrusive we even put ads in that you know the ten yards they are you you put things in there and people seem to be okay remember one you to baseball game and there's nothing on the screen now i've god balls strikes inning who's on first lineups yossi they only proba i actually really like the view but the only one that has it doesn't feel like they're getting all of the players in yep like whoever's out wide you you don't can't see so you just sort of have to take the word lay are there too wide receiver three how to how are they lined up on on the can you do it where you give an established scher and i see its three wide or you know i have empty backfield trips as yeah trips of course and then you go behind rothliseberger or can you go behind rob was for because you want to see the action unfold but up i give you an an over above you know looking down establish her and then i can go behind i think that's the way to go about it uh dan patrick show brought to you by travel channel all new season of man versus food soon to travel channel from a four and a half pound irish breakfast in boston to a three and a half pound sandwich in burlington vermont.

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