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Incumbent Republican Ted Cruz has indicated that he is leaning toward running for president. He said during an interview with Oprah Winfrey. Yesterday that he would decide by the indie February we want mister O'Rourke has run for three different offices by campaigning against incumbents. He painted as out of touch with constituents a message that will have to change if he gets into the crowded twenty twenty democratic presidential primary, Wall Street Journal reporter Reid. Epstein caught up with the former congressman in his hometown of El Paso, read. What did you learn? Mister O'Rourke national consciousness last year. When he ran a Senate race against head cruise in Texas, the democrat, of course in nearly knocked off at cruise came within three percent of beating him much closer than anyone. But he's run three major races in his life. I see council in El Paso, where he lives in congress in two thousand twelve and then against Ted Cruz last year and each time he's come into the race as someone who wasn't taken terribly seriously by the incumbent and was allowed some space to come out of nowhere each time by. Running a campaign where he tried to talk as many people as possible and. When he was running for local elections that meant knocking on doors when he was running for the Senate. He went to to all two hundred fifty four counties in Texas, including cold where just a few hundred people live, and he was able to have a lot of space to operate. And now that he's nationally known figure you just wouldn't be able to do that in the presidential campaign. Somebody who would have the spotlight on him from day one and the different a different place for him. He is people who have been around him for years. Aren't really working from a position where they're hunted as opposed to terror? And then some of that is coming through already ways getting into the presidential race. How what about an example of being hunted? Well, we saw there was a Joel brand New York Senator who is on turf sports her campaign couple of weeks ago with a private dinner in Iowa State, and she dead sort of let the let folks eating with that. Was selfish in his Senate campaign raised more than eighty million dollars? Cared. More of it. With down dog candidates to help other Democrats win. Amen. An argument that this isn't being made about other candidates and one that that we have heard privately from other folks who are trying to take a roof down a couple of notches said that he is from El Paso what like six blocks on the Mexican border. What does he say about a border wall? Well, you can. Yeah. You can you can literally see Mexico from his house. He lives on a hill in El Paso, and then the city of slopes down to the Rio Grande, and then warez Mexico on the other side of the river. And so they do all the jokes about Sarah Palin. Are they let Tina Fey Sarah Palin thinks you can see Alaska from Russia from our house. You can see Mexico. Works house in El Paso. He's very much against the border wall e has put most of his post-election. Talking about the border series on Instagram about the people of the border trying to make the case that it's really one people on the border between Mexico and the United States and walls or other structures to divide them are counterproductive speaking with Reid. Epstein Wall Street Journal reporter covering campaigns. He's written a piece and settled Beddoe aerobic ways presidential campaign from an unusual position. And that's front runner. Even though he hasn't declared. What is he considering do we know as he decides one way or the other whether to run? Well, he is he's working out with this families working it out with some of his one-time political advisors here, the really small team been with him since he first ran to the city council in two thousand five he doesn't unlike a lot of the folks who, you know, you hear candidates who are quite obviously running for president or spent a lot of time thinking about putting together teams to prepare for their Rhonda. We haven't really done any of that. He hasn't staff added any staff other than he kept on three people from his Senate race. And so he really is from all accounts of people who have spoken to him and friends in El Paso spending. A lot of time working out in his own head a lot at not really take no out of council from folks outside of his very small circle things. Read Wall Street Journal reporter Reid. Epstein. It is twenty minutes now in front of the.

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