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We'll get to in Tokyo Brown in a second. First couple of big plays from last night. You might have missed Mavs. Nets and checkout Donncha hitting the buzzer beater from half court in Brooklyn last night. Brooklyn beat the brakes off Dallas last night. As Brooklyn continues to be one of the best stories in the NBA this season. Nice play from Luke Luke also at a really nice step three in this game. Yeah. He got shut down to his knees to s to hawk seen. Dandruff Bamburi keeps finding his way into but I with reverse. Slam is a good early matinee game came down to the end Miami won't by point. But hawks got an I think potentially bright future maybe to into Thomas, right? You can't be powder. Blue. I know like the hawks like stop. I'm thinking watching the clippers. I think like like stop. Some of these concentrate on the ban this the same game though. Hold on right here. Justice Winslow nice behind the back time to bam. A bio for the flush air. Oh, look at bam. Justice Winslow, man. He's finally learned to shoot. See it's took took him some time really took him some time. And now he's been a related started shooting his harder to do this second Harrison's jazz. Anthony Davis the Goco gadget arms as you. Guys taught me king of confusing jerseys every time the pelicans where these jerseys. I think it's the nuggets every time. I know they're the ones wearing them. And I still think it's it's this is a D going up and getting going owed school Seattle Sonics all Sanchez. Gosh land Connie Brown Johnson after number of questionable comments made regarding his tenuous time in Pittsburgh, it appears the Pittsburgh Steelers are ready to move on reportedly. They could trade in Tokyo Brown as early as this week. So where could they disgruntled wide receiver end up? Well, Jon Gruden and the raiders reportedly the most likely team to land him while the titans cardinals Redskins are not far behind. I see how good of a fit would intone. Bree be a raiders roster. I mean, that's a good question because John what kind of offense they run like who's going to be their quarterback because they're on the board to get another quarterback. So now, if they if they're able to get Cuyler, you know, what kind of offense are they going to run? So I don't know AB is most effective in three receiver offense where he can move up and down where he can play in the slot. He can play both to ex Enzi. He's one of the few smaller guys. I'm talking about five ten or smaller outside dick and play outside and can play more particular the X receiver to the boundary where you have to build a block and the responsibilities..

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