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Where you can get them online at CCA Santa Fe dot com that is at CCA ten fifty old Pecos trail right actually another screen this time actually CCA which is below that children's museum yes I just realized this could be you because you're fencer you can get it could be me you can get us toward is like what do I do with this what I did they hit people with it now the one thing I would never ever ever question you want is reading and literature this copy actually say paraphernalia instead of memorabilia Malia civil war paraphernalia yes not memorabilia paraphernalia I think it should be memorabilia probably okay but it says all right just wanted to clear that for the for my own for your own personal peace of mind all right okay you dare question me not you I would never question whoever wrote the copy that's one question all right all right five thirty today it is call sort of trust sounds like a very cool movie at the theater okay here breaking news Santa Fe city manager Eric Linfen Berg has resign served as the intern city manager during the transition when Marilyn Weber with putting in place an administration under a new leadership and new leadership model with a strong mayor system the former fire chief taking over as city manager he has resigned why anybody have advanced knowledge of that I certainly didn't what happened was it a forced resignation a voluntary resignation spend more time with the family better off furnace another city did he get poached was there an issue with performance four two four twelve fifty have reached down to the mayor see if you want to comment about this what happened so he was the fire chief for about five years and then appointed as the interim city manager and then offered the position full time and accepted so I don't know I do not have the answer anybody else has the answer or you want to speculate that fine I mean it it would be easy for me to you know look at issues around the city of which I have been vocal my co story Coleman says too much so at times not not not too much so which is very adamant about the weeds well I am because it it shows a lack of organization no I I completely and leadership I completely and civic pride and we're St capital we should look better we had looked bitten Polly's been clean I don't if you came down for real it's all the way today or not but I did the weeds are gone they're gone almost will there was about a half a block that they were working on but the medians have finally as we approach the first of August have been cleaned up so I don't know I don't know why Eric Winston Berg resigned met with you got a better offer or whether he was fired I don't know but city manager Eric Winston Berg out at city hall here in Santa Fe so that is some can be interesting to see the on comment from city hall and by the way by the way city council once again I I understand that the city council is really happy now that they can blame everything on somebody else on the mayor on now the former city manager things like we need things like potholes things like graffiti which is not out of out of control in Santa Fe yeah but you know when you look around and a city councillor was here the other day and said yeah it's great because I'm only one vote of nine and nobody can blame me I would love to see the city council more pro actively involved in these issues more willing to speak out on these issues.

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