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You're privileging quality. Also you buy 'cause it's more expensive, you waste less. And yet it got more substance to it. So it's hard to eat as much. What have you learned about mindful and artful eating from your two year old and well, very interesting. I think I talk about it in the book and someday she eats around her someday she eats nothing like because she just because she knows intuitively when she's hungry. She's hungry for never forced her to eat. And she's a very she actually just had her checkup to your checkup last week. And she's a happy healthy Giles that great weight. Even though I'm never worried about her eating. She. Eats what she liked 'em when she likes and children in eighteen know, what they're lacking in what they need though, they'll go for fading meet Phil gopher after it needed. Or if they need through vegetables, they'll do too. So I'm so interested in your answer. Because I I go into school sometimes than I do mindfulness work in schools and sometimes I'm in kindergarten room. And and they'll have a snack time are lunchtime. And I noticed that the big trend seems to be the teacher or the supervisor going around and saying no you can't eat that. I you have to eat this first. And no, no, you can't eat this all you have to eat it, all and all of these kinds of things. And I always keep thinking let them eat what they want to eat. You know, like because you're making eating a big stressful deal when it shouldn't be that at all. Do you agree? You're so riper, and you're already discerning, good foods and badges. Yes. So we had a birthday party. My daughter's name is Claudia we'd a birthday party on Saturday. So on the table I had like like cocktails dick with fruit, you know, like little like kebabs, and I have of fruit and I had like top corn. And there was no fizzy drinks to be fair of sparkling water for the kids and normal water with like Minton or engine it or whatever, but barking city during aren't crate all aside from that there was chocolate and their cake. And there was and it was all just on the table. I was watching the kids we're going for the fruit on the chocolate amnesty weeds. It wasn't just the sugar in the suite on. I think in Arlon were really great about recognizing that food does not need to be problem at ties. You know, you shouldn't saying, no sweets. No chocolate. That's bad. It's let the mounted and they'll regulate themselves Mets exacting how I approach it. I love my chocolate. I love, you know, sweet treats in case, I've a big feet tooth, but it's not forbidden along the good quality..

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