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Ours in training, but the purpose is to have a lot. And you gotta wait through those caves you do and the purpose of building the performance center was to attract more stars to WWE because back in the day. It was easy. You go to a territory. I like this guy. He's coming to play for us. I like this guy. He's coming to play. There was a training ground there. Places for them to get their chops, by the way by the time. They got to New York that makes you already be seizing this. And the system just kept on moving now with the follow WCW was fifteen years ago. Maybe we have hit the point where we can no longer draw you can no longer pick from Saint promotions. Or even the competition we have to develop our own. So we're now in that point of being. Just open like this is where you go to train, by the way. It's just as good as any division. One college facility. You'll get all the you'll get everything you need to be ready for WWE on the road. I think it's a fantastic move. The facility is beautiful. The TV facility is beautiful. If you can't make it there. You just don't have it. That should be the slogan of the place, but it'd be performance center. If you can't make it here, you just weren't meant for the thing about it. I mean, it's a it was a great move. By w w I think do this because you must to survive if you cannot rely on indie scene out there, and some of these cats, and whatever training they've had man, it's about being an sub sufficient forever, Vince has been so good at adapting. And that's I truly admire that about him. He he has such foresight. And his ability to adapt to stuff that I would never even think about that is such an admirable trait. And I think he's just ahead of the curve once again like, okay, we have to advertise. This we have to make it the big deal next. He's going to go on the network. Like, I said those guys who are in their infancy. You're not gonna have opportunity in front of the world. Like, that's I remember wrestling and Danny Davis, Jim in OB w Kentucky in front of fifty people. And that was TV broadcast know, we do Sunday shows in front of twelve people and that was little a little booth in a. Brick building with no bathroom, but it was awesome. You know, but times have times have changed. I could I could say well back in my day this and back in my day that I loved those times. But I would also love to have the luxuries. They have into performance internet. Right. Hey, when you look at where you're at right now or is it on a bad ass tour bus, and you've made welfare yourself. You're like I said, you just putting together one a mess runs in history of the business. And I'm so proud of you when you go back and talk about those Lovie w days a little dark piece of junk facilty fifty cats in the audience. I mean, those were probably some of the best moments you've ever had. I don't talk to Nick Dinsmore enough. But Nick, and our real close in those early years and stayed close for while afterwards that we always referred to that time as Camelot because it was riding slept in your own bed. Every night. You're driving from town to town. It was all through Kentucky Anna in down in Tennessee, low bid, and it was just. It was just a lot a lot simpler, you know. You're you're learning the business. You're kind of finding your way we had great mentors. And Davidson, Jim cornets. We had a good a good minds around us. I was on an unbelievable class of talent me, Dave, Batista. Randy Orton, Brock, Leslie, Shelton Benjamin, Ron Waterman. Brian kept like Sylvester Turkey just a group of like superheroes. So we had a great group of Kentucky kids were unbelievable in the ring and knew how to work, and they made us all look better than we were very grateful for that. And it was just a. It was a great time. It was great time. I was going down the road one day. Yes. WAN's traveled with Dutchman Intel Chris shaping, and I was going to work with Danny Davis at night..

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