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Like six five star. I named birds. Kubo says bought reservation from Microsoft. Six hundred million dollars. I left before we sold Jasper is about three acquisitions before that. But what's really interesting about. That story is reservation Soviet. Were mortal enemies like we got the morning early days razors to destroy I'm pretty sure they got up at the same mission and so when they merge the brands like Ford went out. Very Ara Ara one eighty year anniversary a razor fish so all of the founders with one exception all food in New York last summer to get on the same boat. We had our launch party on twenty years ago. Thank the on a reservation now the CEO of the company rents the boat tours in Arbor and we went around blower we went around the Arbor drank talk little tops and so while it's such a great story and and just seeing how you know. The space has evolved. I've actually had many conversations with with Sheldon Sheldon Monteiro. I'm sort of you know. Sort of a Marketing Technology background. I've been in that space. So they've done some really cool stuff at sapient now where they're actually teaching beating people marketing technology and actually training the marketing technologist over there sheldon shows a great dude. So you know. I think you know in a parallel. It's like like I've spent all this time in Johnston all the time in in marketing and digital. And we've found our way into the blockchain space Joel and I. We started back crypto about two and and a half years ago just because we were seeing the emerging technologies we were seeing how blockchain can impact the world and so with that hat. What is your impression of blockchain? And how do you see from your perspective of running. Just a huge agency. How is blockchain? Maybe going the impact first of all the advertising advertising world because it seems like it's going to impact that space tremendously. We'll ginger zee so I I think the blockchain blockchain is an interesting idea Because it is one of the really the most interesting uses of encryption and also decentralized database and I think there's a whole under principles around that that are really exciting one of the first things the industry did I think because they're having trouble. Raising money is began innovating around the third financial services fundraising piece of things. And that's how we got. Servings is IOS excess but the platform itself I think quietly Zilz rating just like the Internet did most industry so I always tell the story is. I Went Pacific financial.

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