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It is local eighteen thousand police departments. This is failed leadership at local level. It's a lot of speeches and not not a whole lot of courage, so I think that the demand now for them to do what they know. Know, they can do to exercise the power that they have to do it into. Just do it. I don't think that we need to talk around. We don't need to talk about a boycott I. Don't need you know we don't. We don't need that right now. They're like what we need. Is People already in the streets? In the reason? You're talking to me right now because they're in the streets. So because we are in the street because people all across the world on the street and has gotten people's attention and mayor. City! Council people they need to respond to that and do something that is meaningful. Because they had the power to do it today, they can't punt in the more they punt. The more people are just going to stay in the street. So raise you correctly said you are in the streets, and that's why we're talking about talking to you and I've been doing that my whole career around the world watching as I say, uprisings for freedom and democracy and dignity and justice so what I want to ask you. Is this the family of George Floyd? Just as we speak, came out and said end, the violence bought. You've gotTA. GotTa keep out on the streets key protesting MP's but lock those guys up in other words. They're saying all the rest of the others. The police the three others need to be held accountable like show van was. Is that what you're saying also needs to happen now is that the I guess the purpose of being in the street until that actually happens as floyd family was saying. So. You know you already know how I feel about. Telling pro-death is not to be violent. The violence isn't coming from the The protests is coming from the police, but we think about that solution it is. It is about making sure there's justice and Accountability Accountability that people confuse the terms, but they are similar, but not the same. Accountability is what happens after the trauma justice, the idea that there should be no trauma in the first place, so arresting me officers is good that is that is accountability. But Justice is what you see people in the street for two. They are saying that this has to stop the. There can't be another case in any city at anytime, and until we figure out a plan to get there, I don't know how the unrest ends. Well. I'm very pleased that you took time to talk to us. During mckesson of black lives, matter and Martin Luther King the third. Thank you both for your really important contributions. We expect a lot from our homes..

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