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And i was kind of freaking out. Because i was like i have been. I mean this is probably the hardest. I've i've worked on the bike not hardest. I've certainly worked harder. But this is the most disciplined. I've been on the bike in many years and And so i was a little pissed off and so i ended up calling. The the race organizers is like hey just want to let you know bib number twelve. i'm not gonna make it like and it turns out the guy was super nice. Here's like hey man we're not the uci like we can just push you back. He's like when you be here. And i was like i'll be there ten after eight and he's like a set you up for nine zero four. How's that sound like. Oh sweet okay. So i ended up getting there After i took the entire drive to get my mindset correct after that and Yeah set off at nine four and Thirty thirty minutes forty seven seconds later came back to the finish line as pretty happy the result. So like i said it was a. It's a twenty k. T. t. did it in thirty minutes. Forty-seven seconds average speed of twenty four point five miles per hour That put me in thirteenth overall. And i did get i in my age range. Nice but there were a lot of events that led up to that. And i don't think it was truly my best effort. I'm definitely going back next year. And i'm going to train a little bit differently. We need to find a second. T t bikes. Oh yeah we don't have to share one anymore. Because i want to do this to yeah. It's it's fun unless we're just going to alternate one of us do the arrow and one of us do road bike since there's four of them five of them there's Next year they're trying to do five so they switched it up. It's now the stark county bicycle club. It's not no longer the summit free wheelers club which i mean hats off to a hieaux. I had no idea that you guys have one of the most happening road. Biking scenes out there anywhere. You go literally. I mean not anywhere. I knew columbus was big. I when you talk about how big it was up there. That kind of surprise me because i just didn't know but i knew columbus mostly from the peleton you community and forever for people that don't know this is like euclid maximillian akron. You know that. Kind of area cleveland heights. Even so like getting up into cleveland. It's just really happening. And i mean they had fifty fifty one people register overall for the arrow class. And that's just for the arrow class. I mean the standard open didn't get as many would it was like twenty but it's still it's still pretty impressive and you said. The club has daily rides of pretty much any. Yeah on that you want like like they have a gravel. They have a road. It's kind of amazing like it. I mean no events are club it it makes our club horrid so but yeah also you know i finally My other big news. Got a respectable. Said.

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