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Weekend that includes six three all in a process between fifth and seventh streets rainy will also be closed as part of a new pilot project between Driskell and river street he says there are going to be a large amount of pedestrians along those roads and I spoke to obey the rules and stay aware of what drivers are doing Erica Allar any news ready okay B. J. tripling again is offering the tipsy tow program for people who get into the party spirit just a little too much tonight the organization's Josh's uber's as over the years the program is saved a lot of things including your freedom Texas will arrange for a driver Dato truck driver to come out to tell yourself and your vehicle up to ten miles for free anything beyond that Ted files is the responsibility of the the driver versions triple a also wants to show you how easy it is to avoid having a big problem interest an active shooter response training is built doing following a deadly weekend share of Robert Jody says preparations by civilians is necessary when we talk about these classes the average police response time roughly and it's a nationwide course such an event could be three minutes long and a lot of those shots were being fired and less knows three minutes where death is occurring people they also you can get on scene Tunisia's people must have a plan in place before first responders get to an active shooting scene to help prevent the loss of life Gail B. J. news time seven thirty two time for traffic and weather here is Patrick van a with the traffic we have a couple delays on three sixty one is at mopac heading in both directions and the others right near Spicewood springs road heading north and south bound as well your next reports at seven forty five AM Patrick van a with Austin's on time traffic sunshine mentioned today they'll be some clouds later on with a high of sixty two turning cloudy tonight there's a chance of a sprinkle toward daybreak low forty.

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