Ethel Kennedy, Hickory Hill, Hillary Clinton discussed on Howie Carr


Can you imagine the democratic primary debate between hillary clinton and elizabeth warren you're lying lying you're lying you're lying take attack you take a test yeah and think all the other nuts that are going to be in there uncle joe biden kamala harris divall patrick cory booker talk about the the the bar scene in star wars bag she's back and she needs another screwdriver flight attendant make that a double abm how dare you write that griddle inhaled about my family we are four diversity against that is we are a diverse elective and against using aiken waters down yeah this is the this is the first time any member of the kennedy family ever met some ice they didn't like this last last few few days but as i said my call him yesterday in the herald the boston herald ethel kennedy has a rather checkered record when it comes to treating or mistreating her black and brown help over the years at hickory hill she never had this great concern about them until it became politically correct about a week ago how much fake via water cannot fake indian get into that mug.

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