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Her daughter eva herself but at some point she asked tony not only to pay child support but she wants him to tell his wife that he has a daughter so tony actually ends up tony jacket ends up telling his wife of like how many years of six kids in years that he had an affair and now he has this daughter jackets the jackass incident that gets cutting off the jackets had to come off that night so so basically his wife suzanne of course is very upset at first and livid at him but then it basically they all she ends up meeting kristaan and costa comes over for dinner and brings the baby know and they start to make it work susan herself tells the story in the forty eight hours the best people women are just like this is a kid that is not gonna lay have her life be bad because of because of because a fucking jackets over here has of captain jacket married oh man so so and she says she actually liked her obviously knees and i now but bit but also susan provides tony's alibi he he was home with her the night of s of christ his death okay so police are like it's all a little wary a but then they also discover was having issues with her seven seventy two yearold father they were you know as i said like this prominent family and apparently 72 real father now had a twenty nine year old girlfriend her name is elicits porter she had been a sex worker and she had been a heroin addict and now she had gone our life together and she was dating the love of her life seventy to you dear embarrassing me and christa was like you're spending too much money on this woman and then they cut in the forty eight hours they fucking do us hard cut to this woman elizabeth porter walking down like a courtroom thing and she goes y'all like to take pictures that media and she has like insane cigarette voice and she's just yelling at all the cameras that one all i guy handling her shit at all so he wasn't like methods classy dane and listen i'm not talking shit on her being a sex worker or heroin addict date sex worker and heroin addict but us twenty nine year old in the.

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