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Man, accused of kidnapping and killing Molly Tibbets in, Iowa makes his first court appearance ABC's Alex Cora says investigators say he was in the US illegally and used a fake ID, to get work Mr. Rivera yuko Malaita that's the man accused of murdering Molly Tibbets arriving at an Iowa courthouse shackled and escorted by deputies Twenty-four-year-old Christian Rivera facing a judge. Mr. Rivera you've been charged with murder in the. First degree Rivera listening to the charges through translator his girlfriend and family in the courtroom authorities say, Rivera confessed to abducting and killing Molly Tibbets while she was out for. A jog dumping her body in a cornfield investigators say they cracked the case using surveillance footage, showing, the suspect's car near Molly during her run trained by frame and in real time motion and, eventually saw Molly on the video led us to Mr. Rivera identifying the vehicle according to investigators Rivera who's. From Mexico was in the country illegally tonight the owner of the farm where he worked saying Rivera lied what we learned in the last twenty, four hours is that our employees was not who, he said he was the farm now, says when they hired Rivera four years ago, they screened him through an older system instead of homeland security's e-verify the judge ordered he be held on a five billion dollar, cash bond we are also hearing from molly's family they issued a statement thanking the public for their love and saying their hearts are broken ABC's Alex Perez America's longest war has a new front, as the US opens up new talks with the Taliban ABC's senior. Foreign correspondent Ian panel goes into one of the most dangerous prisons in. The world in Afghanistan where Taliban prisoners. Are housed with.

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