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Competition savannah Evans, beat Kevin Ray, drew Adler, a defeated Cody Vance, John scholar defeated Sean legacy in a matched. It's gotten rave reviews. And in the final match of the first round lucky Ali defeated flour Brown in a huge upset and all these matches. I believe our own the Cheeto Facebook page, I saw someone had posted these videos, and you can go watch them there in the semifinals. John scholar defeated drew allergy Adler who suffered what appeared to be a pretty severe ankle injury in that match. We'll be keeping out for his status lucky Ali defeated. Tha then Evans and in go ahead. Call it early in the year. It's a biggest upset I have seen and this region in a long time the eighteen year old rookie lucky Ali defeated the southern state of your John skyler to become the king of bushido on this night. And he will move onto the winners tournament again, great matches, and you can check them out on Facebook. And they'll be back at the American Legion next month in a W A had their New Year's revolt, and it was a full card yet Craig classic defeating John VC big bike Martinez and Nathan cross in a four way scramble. Nathan cross getting ready to make his South Carolina here in a couple of weeks, Montana, black defeated legendary Larry be the Burke county boys defeated Adam Jane's and Cameron Jackson. Adam Jan's, actually, just left camera Jackson on his own and Burke county boys able to get the victory Casey thunder and dry white defeated so patrol Bodo Chad bird defeated golden gladiator number two Stewart snodgrass defeated Jackson sane by disqualification. And found out found out the Jackson sane is the one who stoves Stewart's clipboard. So it's gonna be interesting to see what comes of this. If if we're going to see more Max's between these two men yawn Ford Thomas extreme defeated big time. Yeah. After Adam James came out and help Thomas extreme get the win. And it was it was a big win for Thomas extreme. And in the main event in Awa heavyweight champion amp dominant. Got the got the successful title defence over Zane Riley in Awa going to be back just here in a couple of weeks. You can check him out on Facebook at N A W A also make sure you go and check them out on YouTube where they put out a weekly YouTube show. Oh, really good Steph southern honor wrestling Friday night, canton, Georgia at they action building bell, Thom eight o'clock, listen to some of these matching southern honor wrestling has taking Georgia by storm. It is getting a lot of buzz. They've got some big names involved with this promotion behind the scenes, there's a lot of resources behind this promotion, and it is showing in their production. It's showing in their creativity. And so far showing in their ability to draw fans here some of these matches. These are great great matches. Joe black taken on shallan legacy in singles competition triple threat tag team match. You got the jungle kings versus the Lynch mob versus the shotgun killers. These three teams have been going back and forth in various ways over the last couple of weeks. Last couple of months their southern honor. And we're going to settle things this Friday night also salary Naro taken on Dax Anthony in singles competition. Tutti Lynn, I believe making her southern hundred of you to debut taking on Danny Jordan and camp Carter taking on Owen night. Oh and night a announced as.

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