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The longer term and there was a quick step in that direction when the US announced a deal with Japan and the European Union to challenge some Chinese subsidies the first one it's got thanks I'm sherry Glaser with this case here W. news update a state Senate committee is holding hearings today on a bill that could make beverage manufacturers more responsible for recycling one thing is certain California's recycling system is in trouble we don't have a place to bring our bottles and cans that's Jamie court he's president of the advocacy group consumer watchdog they want to overhaul the system by putting soda juice and wine producers on the hook the companies that make money off those products should be responsible for making sure that we are recycling and that we are getting our nickels and dimes back and in every system around the world that's effective we have that system consumer watchdog says California's bottle deposit program has a retention rate of just over sixty six percent Michigan in Oregon by contrast have redemption rates of over eighty percent court says shifting responsibility to the beverage industry would earn Californians a much bigger share of the one and a half billion dollars a year we pay a nickel and dime deposits you're listening to morning edition.

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