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Has so the motivation in understanding. I've got this thing coming up. I need to get ready for it. That's an that's there's value in the tower. Shoot because of that. So I look at these workshops and I realize man there a couple of months out but I'm going to start work I'm GonNa because I have this on my calendar right now. I'm going to start working with my dog on certain things in preparation for it so I think For a Lotta people they they are valuable for lots of different reasons Some of these folks that have been to the other workshops. Here's the getting back to the foundation workshops. There's just so much information information that we go through and we go through quickly and it's impossible for you to get it all It's certainly possible for you to apply at all I always tell Oh people pick out a few things. Bring Homework on it and then build from there The idea with take I have several people that are going to take the work. The Foundation Shen workshop a second time. This is a scenario that I highly recommend. Actually we've had a lot of people do it in the past. I think you get more out of going to a workshop. A second meantime the I the reason I think you do because you know what to expect. You never come to one of these before. I know it because I've gone to workshops before I'm trying I I WANNA go to a workshop this spring. There's one down in a buddy of ours place down in Missouri Brooke Stone. KENNELS is having a handlers workshop I would really like to go to it I've got some buddies that are going to it. I would like to go to. I can't because I have a commitment that weekend and we'll be able to make it but I think that when you go to these things and you never ever been to them before your human and there's a bit of reluctancy hesitancy. There's things that we look at and go I. Just don't you know what to expect some a little bit uncomfortable and so it takes a while to settle in so that alone. I've been to workshops before where I was like that and all I wanted to do is not make a fool myself so just being able to relax enough. Settle in is important before you can really start absorbing stuff so if it takes a day to do that which doesn't it wouldn't be surprising to me. It's a bunch of strangers a bunch of new people you're self conscious about your dog You know all these different things if it takes a day to settle in well that's a day's worth of stuff that you probably weren't focused on in. It's impossible to be able to absorb it. The other thing is I put so much into those three days. I just don't think it's physically possible for someone to absorb it all so the second time when someone comes back they already have an understanding of the big major key points. They have of an understanding of the major philosophy ideas. They have major understanding of the general direction that this thing is going to go and now what they can do is plug themselves in and become much which more productive in the moment. Because I think that's where they're going to start to get this idea of you get more touches. You get more physical mechanical cool things going and that's where it goes back to the idea of. It's not a spectator sport. A jump in with both feet. And actually that's where you're going to get your benefits so the the people that come to it the second time I think really really get a lot out of it that way so pe. I do have a couple of people that I said. I think I'm GonNa do the the next steps workshop workshop. Because I'm GONNA come in and I had to reassure them. We're not going to be advanced. WE'RE GONNA be wherever you are the next steps to where you are. Some will be further. Had the beauty of the next steps workshop that I love people to have a chance to see is when they come to a foundation workshop. It's so intense in high pay. It's just fast because I have to get through a lot of stuff. It's not realistic to how actually train. And if you watch any series cody go back. Live with spry. Bella be good. Would those are three. That we've documented some dog training specifically consistently. You'RE GONNA see that my pace is much much slower in. It's nothing like the foundation. Workshop Shop Foundation Workshop is cram a bunch of stuff into a short period of time not the ideal way to raise a dog instead. We like to slow down. I stress the idea in the last year. And I got this from David. letham actually Guy That I look up to greatly when it comes to training in he said to me one of the the reasons. You're enjoying this little Bella. which is a dog that came from one of his sires? He said one of the reasons. You're really enjoying her. And I can tell is because you're the reason as in you're having success is because you're enjoying it. He said you're really having a lot of fun with that dog. I said I am. She's she's it's just so much fun to work with her and he. I said that's why you're having success because it's fun you're you're joining it and so I didn't realize necessarily the value in in the importance of enjoying what you're doing with the dog. You Know How many people I talk with that when I hear them talk about their dog. It's almost like it's a chore to them in When I say a chore I mean it's comparable to what's pulling weeds in the garden like nobody the enjoys it. It's something that has to get done and you do it because you have to do it. I don't think you should be raising your dogs working with dogs because you have to do it. I think get should because you want to do it and then when you want to do it it should be fun and enjoyable and whenever something. That's fun and enjoyable. I want to do it more than when you want to do. More you will and when you do it more you'll get better and so all of a sudden you you see the snowball and you see this momentum that gets going and it's all positive and it continues to positive direction well foundation next steps workshop. I stress the idea of. Let's have a little bit of fun. I think we we kick back a little bit. We slow down We really take it at a different pace. There may be some cocktails midday. Hey at the foundation workshop or the Next Steps Workshop. We don't have time for that with phone nation. We do cocktails and evening. But we don't. We don't have time midday but during the shed one the next steps on yeah man we might kick back. Some people might kick back on the hill with a cooler and watch a few people work their dog. And then we might switch and I'll kick back with a cooler and I'll watch you work your dog and it's just it's a very very different pace. It's a totally different mindset in. That is more realistic to away. I think you should approach your everyday training so I do think there's value in that alone. I think some people are going to get valued by bringing their dog there and having them be around some really well behaved dogs because in this workshop the dogs are just with us and they're just with us because that's part of like everyday life so It for that reason. I think it's it's a different style of workshop That is very valuable. You cannot come to it if you didn't go to the foundation and that's not to be like snobby it's not to be like The Good Old Boys Club love. It's nothing like that. It's because if you don't understand the core foundations of what we build the training on you won't be able to mix in to the next steps workshop you'll be confused and you'll be wondering and you'll be. It will not allow us to do what we WANNA do from next steps training standpoint. It it you have to have that base understanding and then you can move into the next steps. So that's why we do it that way But I think there's GonNa be a few people that actually take the next steps workshop because they already took the foundation workshop last year or the year before and then they're going to come and do a foundation workshop after It we see the dates. Don't make sense. We do the next steps workshop. I and the reasoning is is because of the time of the year April seventeenth eighteenth and nineteenth. We're GONNA that be able to shed hunt Hell we've had thirty inches of snow that weekend. Two years ago for the Next Steps Workshop last year I think there was a little bit of snow. It's not bad weather. It was pretty good But there were still some snow on the ground in the north side of the hills. There were still some snow on the ground but it was actually shed hunting. I mean it was a good good actual actual time to shed hunt so you can't. We can't do next steps workshop in May and June. Because everything's greened up it's too warm. Ticks are out. WE'RE NOT GONNA go. Shed hunting owning during that time of the year. So I we do the next steps as always i. It's always our first workshop And so that's the reasoning behind behind it We wanted to do this. podcast to kind of touch on that because it is fresh Spots are filling up. I've got June. Actually he is our latest one is the one. That's filling up the quickest right now but we do. Have we have room. We limit it to fifteen people per per session It allows for us to break down into groups of three or four per person per group. So it's like a real good ratio handlers But if you are interested don't hesitate. I wouldn't wait. This is the earliest I've ever announced him. So they're they're gonNA fill up probably a little bit sooner but We have you can email me. It's Jeremy J. E. R. E. M. Y. at dog won't Hunter Dot Com. Just send me an email or go to our facebook. Gory instagram There's there's some posters that we've put together that have it. It's got the information is just going to tell you the email me gives you a little bit. More information on the workshops like I said people are gonNA come. I encourage families to come. I encourage couples to come We have it set up. Its three hundred ninety five dollars for a dog and handler. If you're a couple husband wife boyfriend my friend girlfriend that happens a lot thirty five bucks for the second person. I think the reason I say that is because we we need consistency not just consistency and training with the dog. We need consistency across the board within. Your House. Kids are free. I've had families bring three four kids with them and I get it. They're not going to able to focus through the entire our time. We've got stuff that they can do. You got ten acres twenty acres. They can raise how long we've had the young boys playing in ponds and I just. We've we've got kids too so we get it. But it's I encouraged families to come together because to me that's where the consistency needs to come is across across the board within the family with every person that's going to interact with the dog. It's only fair to the dog to have one set of rules in. I'm big on the idea of making it fair. Don't don't ask these dogs to to do things that's not fair. And then exp- have expectations that they're gonNa do certain things you have to have to set them up properly. I believe so encourage the idea of of bringing families we've got some that are coming from think one's coming from Washington driving leaving from Washington which I think is like not DC like west coast Washington We have some people that fly in. If you're flying in you vying to Green Bay fly into the cities or you can fly into Chicago and rent a car and come up where a couple of hours from Chicago or a couple of hours from the city's but If you want more information just email me on it. But we thought we'd do a podcast quickly on these workshops as they come up because we've it's been a little bit of a topic and you're also going to see some things. It's a project that we're working on right. It's maybe a little early. Let the cat out of the bag but over the last several years. We've filmed the workshops and we filmed the workshops to be used in our DVD's and and one of the things that we did was. We have literally hours and hours and hours of footage from workshops that I think is. I think they're really again. I think they're very valuable in. So we've we've talked about it. I've kicked around the idea for a long time of. How do we utilize that stuff? The best and so we were talking about doing like a whole video that is basically a look inside of the workshop. It's it's you getting all the workshop information without being there now. It's not as good as actually being there. I don't think but it's pretty good You're going to get a lot out of it so we're talking about you know we make a DVD series out of it. We make some type of series and sell that as a supplementary training tool I think the value in that is at times. It's maybe even greater than the DVD's yes I think the DVD's the value in those are there sequenced. There would have been produced. So they're very very much polished untrimmed and edited and they ha they make sense from start to finish. That's our. That was our goal anyway to make those. DVD's make sense they give you a good overview in in a good look at your objectives when it comes to play together a plan in raising a dog and I mean I mean some of the puppy. DVD's three hours or something. They're all like three and a half hours. They're I mean they're super long but they've been edited in trimmed so we have all all this other footage and we did incorporate some of the workshop footage into those where it applied specifically two chapters but then we had all this other stuff from workshops it just it was just stuff that has come up with people and individuals and dogs and they're all unique to the different people in the different dogs?.

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