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Seattle. City council members Shama solid is responding to reports that her actions on the council may be dictated by socialist leaders. More from komo's Jeff Pohjola was elected as a member of the socialist alternative political group closed organization that advocates for the overthrow of the capitalist system. And it is that group that dictates her actions, according to Kevin Scofield, the blogger that posted the story. Committee. Running staffing of councilmember swans office, creating people pay wall, and they get to decide how she shoes like combination of. So what does not deny working at the direction of socialist alternative and has responded with a blog post of her own saying, she's made no secret of the fact that she ran as a member of socialist alternative, which she argues has a history of democratic decision-making. There have already been several complaints filed with the Seattle ethics and elections commission but denies any ethical wrongdoing. Jeff Pohjola, KOMO news. A federal appeals court has ruled a lawsuit against Washington state. Brought by the family of Utah woman who disappeared nine years ago can move forward. The ninth circuit court of appeals reversed a lower court's decision dismissing Judy and Chuck Kocsis civil lawsuit over the deaths of Susan Cox Powell's children Josh Powell's believed to have killed Susan Powell in Utah in two thousand nine before moving here in Washington where he killed their young. Suns. Three people have been arrested in Everett for the death of Michael T Boone a man whose body was found tied to a tree near a cemetery. Police say he probably died from hypothermia sometime around New Year's day. His body was discovered. Three days later, a homeless man and woman now face second degree murder charges and another man's been arrested in the case for robbery a man was shot in the leg and Mukilteo. Here's muckilteo police officer Myron Travis the incident is being investigated.

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