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Him. They went to him and asked his advice and guidance on the direction that he taught they should go for a new head coach and general manager. It went so far as him going out to dinner with mcnair the team's owner and then the texans hire a search firm one ferry that they pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to and in the end. Fire that firm and turnaround and leeann jack easterby to make a decision. That doesn't take into consideration. Anything that show watson said so. They went to him for advice and then didn't use it in the decision to hire nicosia. Reo from the new england patriots. Nicosia who's waited an awful long time for general manager. Job takes this job and steps into a situation where he has no idea that his quarterback is about to ask for trade which he does. And so. Let me say this. Also what does shawn watson feels is not exclusive to him in that organization. I can tell you. Having spoken to many people in that organization there are similar gripes. similar unhappiness nicotera when he stepped in there. I think it's fair to say stepped into a burning building and that building has caught fire even more. And when you've got the face your franchise one of the transcendent talents. Not just in football but in all of sports refusing to play for that team anymore and wanting to be traded. That tells you what a problem there is. adam. I think most people would agree. That given to sean watson's reputation. If there's a problem with the shawn watson people aren't looking at him they're looking at the organization and generally this stuff comes out of dysfunction so i understand the answer is really both but if i had to ask you is it more. What would you answer. Is it more the idea that he was disrespected. And the way this was handled was distasteful to him or was it more competitive interest in other words. The texans had a very bad record after making a very stupid trade. What do you think is motivating the behavior more between the two combination of everything. Max i think that he watches the way that his career is gone. Didn't one of the cameras capture. Jj watt going over to the shawn watson into the season and apologizing for wasting his talents and wasting his season. And i think that that's a mood. I can tell you. There are texans pleasure former texas players on other teams who have reached out who have scoffed at some of the things that they experienced poor noticed or saw in that organization. And i think that callum mcnair has allow things to happen year. That shouldn't happen. In the opinion of players and people in that organization and it is basically filtered down to his quarterback who feels the same way that many people do and so. There's a cleansing that needs to take place here and unfortunately for the texans. It's going to be too late to do that with the shawn watson. Is your quarterback in my opinion. Because let's play this out. Let's say the houston. Texans say we know you want to trade. We're not going to trade you will. Then he doesn't show up. And are they going to go draft another quarterback or they going to go sign another quarterback they have did make some sort of planet quarterback but at the shaw watson's dug in and refuses to report. They're stuck and it certainly sounds like at the spot that he is now they can call chicken and challenge him and say we're not gonna treat your good. Where's that can go. What's going to happen. Then and so again. I come back this. I think of this all the time. You're nicosia radio. The new england patriots. You've been requested to injury for any number of general manager jobs and you just took the one. That was the booby price. You just took the one with the house on fire. You just took the one where you're stepping into a situation. I don't think you had any idea that you were stepping into adam schefter. I'm looking at the. I'm looking at the new york jets. They've got the number two overall pick and the twenty third overall pick in the nfl draft. Plus they've got. I think number thirty four and around two. Or what have you just using them. As an example if a team out the assuming because there's going to be a lot of sudas deshaun watson services obviously what teams do you believe are in the best position to make a deal with the houston texas in order to acquire somebody to caliber of addition watson. Well here's stephen. To shawn watson as a no trade clause and again. That's something looking back at the houston. Texans probably should not have given him but they did and they empowered him and now that he's got the power he can help influence where he goes. Now i think show watson is smart enough to realize that if hypothetically the dallas cowboys offering one first round draft pick and the miami dolphins were offering three first round draft picks he can't dictate entirely where he goes because he could always say i'm not taking you trade here or there but i think the biggest point is the sean watching this open to going to a lot of places he would go to a lot of different places he doesn't want to be in houston anymore. He's done with the texans so the question is where does he go. What would you accept. Who would he turn down. There are certain teams. I think that obviously the miami dolphins have a tone of draft ammunition capital and they play for coach. I think the sean watching would be really happy about playing for the change. Another team need a quarterback. You blow it with houston. Texans photo max. Hold on max. I gotta ask this other question too because again considering what adam just described houston texas situation the be should we stop at the shawn watson or their we say. Should we expect something very very similar in regards to j. J. watt who walked over to george watson and apologized for wasting his talents this season. What can you tell us about. Jj watt and houston. Well you'd have to ask. Jj what i'm going to surmise. That many players feel the same way. That watson does many players okay. i can't speak for any one of them specifically but you think that they wouldn't feel that way would be naive. Okay this is not just a situation. That's unique to shawn watson. there's cancer let me ask you. This atom the texans organization concerned about their dirty laundry being aired out here in more of these details. You know listen. I don't know how they feel about that. They've been busy running a coaching search. They've been doing that sort of thing. I can't be pleased about it..

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