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And notes from around the league. Adding to the comedy of my elimination in our dynasty league with my amazing team that by the way into the year with the second most points scored in the league, I've mentioned that only seven thousand times adding to the humor of the I I have tried to solidify my roster over and over and over again with wide receivers in that link, Mike, you know, this do Sammy Watkins you're out. I had Marvin Jones knocked out this past week lost the number of players. My last two remaining guys was to Sean Jackson. And then I had Ryan Switzer to Sean Jackson. Now, according to ESPN bucks reported, gentlemen. It's quite possible. They hold him out remainder of the season. And then Switzer took a concussion he's in the concussion protocol. I think that Sean Jackson's time in Tampa Bay's coming to a close. Yes. Yes. So he may be out of the rest of the season. The James Connor news. Now, Mike Tomlin came out and wanted to thwart. He was very strong wanted to get into that. So Mike Tomlin was very very heavy handed, assuring everyone. No, no, no, no. There is no ankle problem for James Conard is merely a contusion and he will be fine into the minor injury. More testing is done James congress Nichols sprain. And he's out this weekend. When when that news broke yesterday got the sleeper alert that James goner was going to be out. I had a very visceral reaction because I'm so sick of these coaches lying. It wasn't just I believe you screamed liar. You stringed Lyre out until the universe. It's Mike Tomlin. Look, I will never understand the this weird advantage. You think you're getting by lying about and and being so angry about it ending mad at how dare you ask you people who pay my salary pro football doc on Twitter immediately was like, oh that's an ankle sprain. And then Mike comes. No, no, no, no. No. No. No. No, no, don't listen to television. Doctors weird weird. They got it. Right. So Tomlin said the Steelers intention is to use the running back by committee. That means we're talking about Jaylen Samuels that means we're talking about Steven Ridley. And we've brought it up on the show this week. Jen Samuels is a running back anti. Tied in Yahoo leagues. Now. The reason is Jalen Samuels tested with tight ends the NFL combine, and so they have a running back tight end tag. And they came out yesterday. Yahoo fantasy sports did and said he's ad running back tight end eligiblity all season. And they're not changing it Jalen Samuels as far as I'm concerned. If you don't have Travis Kelsey or Zakar Akers. I'm starting Jalen Samuels above every other tight end including Eric Hebron, rob gronkowski George kit. Yes. Yes. I am. I believe Kelsey is in another stratosphere. Yes. I mean, if you look at him on pass catching points on the year, he's like eighth. I mean, he would be a beast wide receiver. I'm that's what I'm saying all pass catchers, he's number eight on the year. I'm with you with hurts and Kelsey for sure. Man. I just think that when you get guaranteed production like that. I mean, kiddo can become beholden to Nick Mullins. Having a good share or or something of that nature now kettles great, but I- Jalen shameless is going to get guaranteed work. So let's talk about the time. Sure. Then four Jalen Samuels. Are you projecting James Connor level work or or Rb to back into Rb to work? That's your expectation. Virginia was at least mine I expect him to be a better tight in running back for your team. Let's put it that way. Now, he's he's playing Oakland. They are on the road. But go back to the first part of that statement where I said they're playing Oakland. Yeah. That part's. Nice parts real nice. The raiders speaking of Oakland. They've signed C J Anderson. I don't know why. I don't know. Why you do you sign an old what Hedren at the end of the season..

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