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So I think it's funny as a kid that I just that's what I thought I would be doing. Yeah. That's amazing. An and especially with no visible role models like you, right? I mean, it's one thing any can grow up and want to be a pilot wannabe especial. But to have such an intimate daily interaction with the agency with those with the mechanization of it and to still not see those, of course, because it was the sixties not that it's a huge better now. But still even then, you know, is is really inspiring. That's awesome. So I mean, that's incredible. Because we talk about the first man stuff like you said that with the way that timing lined up. It is really good take on the end. Gemini, the mercury especially the Apollo years. So they started picking the first astronauts and fifty nine bringing they had to have that fight experience. Jet aircraft background in engineering, the head to be have great eyesight, they'd be shorter than five feet eleven fit in the mercury yet, Bryan you're out so many reasons so. And at least that time in for a long time you had to be a white guy. It was pretty standardized shocking. So here is Nasr's. Existing astronaut admission protocol per their website astronaut requirements of change Nassar's goals and missions a pilot's license and engineering experience still one route person could take becoming an astronaut, but it's no longer the only one today to be considered for an astronaut position. US citizens must meet the following qualifications. Bachelor's degree in engineering, biological science, physical science, computer science or mathematics, number to at least three years of related professional experience obtained after degree completion. Or at least one thousand hours pilot in command time on jet aircraft. Number three, he -bility to pass the NASA long duration astronaut physical distant and near visual acuity must be correctable erectile to twenty twenty four each I the use of glasses is acceptable says while twenty. Years too late. Well, we'll say that Nasr's always kind of been progressive in the glasses area. It was the military that took off so. So military aviator then you need it have a good eyesight. But now, even the military will take correct it fascinating. So when these sort of faded like requirements, there's actually a lot of people that are probably eligible. Absolutely. And that's why every time NASA puts out a call for astronauts. Now, you get not it used to be, you know, a couple thousand people now you're getting up to eighteen thousand people apply. I think that was the number for the last call, right? And that's that's ex-. It's interesting actually, pull those say there were eight thousand nineteen seventy eight applications. It went down to sixty one hundred and two thousand twelve bam to sixteen the last number. I could find yes was eighteen thousand which is interesting from what I remember seeing this that was shortly after the Martian came out, right and moving. Yeah. I think they said that that was actually big boost, which is awesome. So basically, the there's a board and ASA they take those applications as says each candidate's qualifications. There's a there's a bit of a waterfall the board then invites about one hundred twenty of the most highly qualified candidates to NASA Johnson Space.

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