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Numbers the forty five one to listen to. So that's how I got my musical start. In the I remember all road trips. Started and ended with all these. So that's just the music that I always listen to. I love that we have something in common. My Dad's started as a radio DJ. So Yup and I remember those road trips. Totally be singing offering espey cat so. Worse areas from here on out because you have a very impressive. At a very impressive agency and I really WanNa talk about what's happening in marketing and healthcare marketing. Hey It's e be Mawson. This is episode eighteen of insider interviews about the media marketing and Advertising Industry today my guest is someone who works in a space that's on a lot of our minds health care. I'm really honored to have Andrea Palmer here. She is the president of Publicis, health media. She's also been immediate industry trailblazer for nearly twenty years. She's done things like created and launched health front, which brings together industry leaders in tech media content, and in May of twenty nineteen, she was named pm three sixties elite one hundred in the strategy category and this year just recently, she was named to m. and M.'s hall of Fem Twenty Twenty, we love that. So without further ado as they say, let's hear from Andrea Palmer? So in all seriousness, there's marketing. and. Then there's healthcare marketing and that's pretty specific. So how'd you get into that sector? So it's interesting I sort of happened into a little bit but it came from a lot of different factors I ball. My mom was a nurse says shooting nurse. And then shoes dermatological nurse for as long as I can.

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