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Almost like liberty was running a lot of defense is to keep him out of out of the out of the lane and not open on the three point shot. And they did a good job of a bit. We gotta get him opening and gotta get some jobs ball early on early on. We were given up a few too many offensive rebounds as well. Scotty James was camped out in the lane. And would you would you look at his numbers? And he's there go-to guy six points but nine rebounds, four of the offensive end. Yeah. You know, he made the first couple of shots. And then why did down from a points perspective? But yeah, it was hit the boards hard. And as you said nine rebounds in just about eleven minutes to play. All right, Georgia state again in the locker room here at halftime trailing. Liberty thirty two to twenty died and for Georgia state. No matter what happens here in the second half. Stay on the road. Gotta go to Tuscaloosa Alabama on Monday and they will play at Alabama Coleman Coliseum Tuesday night. Yes. We'll head to head over to Richmond tonight. Get a flight out early tomorrow morning. And then we'll be right back on the road. My dad from over Tuscaloosa. But you know, we've talked about all along this team enjoys playing on the road. We've been road battle-tested already with a bunch of games only two games at home. So far as me we enter the month of December the road doesn't really worry me with this group. They're mentally prepared for physically prepared for. What did you gotta come out and play better half out here? The was always appreciate it. Let's do just that. And get back to Richmond w. I wanna take your state. So she'd have let director sports medications by combs. Joining us for a few minutes here the opening segment about Coca Cola halftime show..

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