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He did play three games last year. So you physically was back then, but he hasn't really played major league baseball for two years six point appearances in seventeen and eighteen combined. The last time we saw him. He was. Putting up a two fifty five three fifty four or five thirteen line with twenty one homers sixty two runs in and forty five runs in just one hundred and three games. Tell me why why why you're fully out on him is the personal the alcohol issues off the field or do you not playing time at cetera. What it when he got? I think it's combination of everything I it's the off the field stuff. I mean aside from the alcohol issues which plagued him in and pretty much put him out for two years. He had that sexual assault charge. So. He is right now projected to be on the short side of a platoon. He hasn't played. I mean really hasn't played baseball in two years. Like you the three games in minor leagues up. Doesn't matter that much and not only that the pirates have guys in their upper miners that are going to be up at some point this year all over the infield. So they've got Kevin Kramer, key, Brian Hayes. These guys are going to come up. You know, maybe even Steven Almas. These guys are Kramer in Heyzer both top prospects, Kevin Newman as well Cole Tucker like they've got a ton of guys in triple A that are going to be up in contributing this. This is why the pirates didn't go in resign. Josh harrison. That's this is why they didn't go and sign any kind of middle middle infield is because they've got it comment. And when it comes I think that gong is pretty much done in major league baseball. Okay. At least in Pittsburgh. You're not feeling it with Chung ho gung. It's going to be kind of interesting to follow in spring. He doesn't have a guaranteed job right now. But we've seen the bat be strong before. It is definitely a major gamble and he is coming at four seventy four ADP. So we'll keep an eye on John Hoult gung to see if anything changes there. But you're not really you're not really giving any attention right now. And I can understand that. I can understand that. All right. Let's move onto the useful for deep leagues tier here. And we'll start with the aforementioned Michael Francke, and he could be interesting because his his fate could change on a dime. If they get Manny Machado, all of a sudden, you know, he goes way down or maybe even gets traded because I I don't know that he's not great. And and this guy I've had a soft spot for you talked about your Sonoko soft spot. I've had soft spot for Michael Franko and just keep getting my cell for it to my mediocre twenty Homer seasons that we've been get twenty five twenty four twenty two at least he hit two. Seventy last year. But is is his pretty mad as well for if we're talking about the Meg room, but. Yeah. And so I think you might be too good to be a bench guy. So if they did get much auto maybe that would facilitate a trade to get Franko back into a plane time situation, but they don't have Machado right now. So let's assume that he's playing starting third baseman. He still only twenty six is twenty one hundred and eleven plate appearances. He doesn't strike out. He's showing the power. It did take a jump last year with the not a career best one Ninety-six. I so because he did play the eighty games in two thousand fifteen to seventeen but it's his full season best. So he's still gonna fall for Franco or or moving on moving on. I just I I can't be burned to Kim. This is this guy hits eight home runs every spring training..

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