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Today's also any of the thoughts now that there is more clarity on the peter's trade in bordeaux's contract are two big topics from monday show right well andrew nye disgusted clearly but the offset in the board of contract makes that even better for the jags in my mind and then on the peter's trade you know again they got as much as they could get form they called every team and so i think the fact that that's as much as they could get despite the fact they called every team i think that probably says a lot about how much of a handful markers pieterse's so we'll see and maybe even some inconsistencies in his game he's a little bit of a little bit of a risktaker this is andrew likes to say it is deletion season since monday the bears have cut cornell mcphee in quinton dem's panthers cut court coleman and charles johnson the chiefs parted ways with ron parker i think i fall somewhere where ron parker has more defensive snaps for the chiefs last year than any other player so they are not messing around derek johnson marcus peters alec smith ron parker a match or even done yet panthers i get it some of these teams decide this guy's not worth the money anymore and we can better utilize that elsewhere but it's still doesn't sound like the panthers they're going to be able to resign andrew nor well and maybe not stole the tula either i mean i i if you listen to the even money podcast which we just posted i'm i'm i'm kinda down on the panthers for next year man adjust they get a lot of negativity swirling there and it's hard to see mostly what happened if free agency but based on the rumors and what they're doing so far it's hard to really see them getting better than they were last year.

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