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Has been indicted for murder, his mother Allison John told reporters, she hopes former police officer, amber, Geiger, tells the truth of the trial trial. She still has a chance to come clean. The only thing is every time. I read an account of what happened on September six. It's different to the first to what I heard at the time number Geiger allegedly shot and killed Botham's John in his apartment earlier this year, Geiger said she entered the apartment believing. It was her own John was an intruder Democrats in congress and now demanding answers from the president on the use of tear-gas stop that migrant caravans charge, the border use of tear gas to break up that migrant caravan has been criticized by some feel it's inhumane former border patrol chief Victor mon- hottest says the agency has been using it for. Decades. It doesn't clear entire mass. It reduces amassed significantly for all of a sudden looks like they have the overwhelming numbers that in itself provides a deterrence effect. Now, a professor at UT might hottest says the key to stopping caravans is ending catch and release. So there's no incentive Robert Wood, NewsRadio KLBJ, Texas. Attorney general Ken Paxton suing the city of San Antonio, including his police department and city manager for not cooperating with federal immigration authorities in accordance with s before that prohibits sanctuary cities of Louisville. Police sergeant starter who's diagnosed with a fatal bone marrow. Diseases. Found donor match sergeant Kirk Anderson says after three months of searching they had to bone marrow matches for his daughter went into US one. In Europe looks like the one here in the United States is willing and able and has submitted all the lab work that needs to be done. So we're scheduled for transplant on January first night's not over for the family. Don't need to spend at least six months in Houston for the delicate medical work is awesome. Doesn't have the specialists they need your KLBJ radar weather watches, mostly cloudy skies, seventy seven influ Greville now get Austin news on demand at NewsRadio KLBJ dot com..

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