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But if they didn't have that or the, it wasn't loud enough because they didn't think, but it wasn't until that moment. I, I really truly appreciate it like, oh, they are drowning in a sea of booze and not like you and I used to, yeah, real real booze real boost. That was amazing. A loved that. And then Leo rush came out and he's great in that role, but it breaks my heart. I'm like, this is the best you can do with Leo rush. Just have him out there talking. Maybe he's like, maybe, you know, he's making himself well, maybe making more money. He certainly not out there with Joey Nella fucked up his knee, something awful. I hate that. Hate that. It felt like it was inevitable though. Do you know how he did it? See it is that thing with wrestlers where it's like they do such crazy crazy, fuck and shit all the time. And every time you like, oh, God, you got to can't can't keep doing that. And then when they injure themselves, the worst is the routine stuff they do all the time. Yeah. And so he was wrestling. I think psychosis. If you saw them luta door was on nitro and stuff, and he do thing. We just like a cross body, you know, to the outside onto him, like off the the ring or whatever. And he just the way he landed. It's like Seth Rollins when he when he fucked up his knee, the knee stuff. I know like he his knee is fucked like surgery out for a year as like with undertaker's saying that interview. Just like exactly. He's big flips and stuff you, you run the risk more so of catastrophic damage as opposed to definitely. But then you get somebody because there's wear and tear it and it's going to wear you, and it's going to tear you because like Sony undertaker it's both high sockets, right, right. But then it's like, you know, he's got new knees, new hips, new, whatever, because it's just from doing that. It's like you don't have to do a fucking moon salt off the balcony into of, you know, bed of snakes type that are on fire. I will pay to see that. But because I mean you get you get like, you know, like. I don't know. Like Nick Bach, winkle. He was a guy back in the seventies and eighties, maybe even sixties but seventies navy's for sure. And then you know, that's not. Swan dives on the concrete era. Yeah, no. But then he's a guy is just from wrestling and doing what they do just a very standard style. And then you know, he winds up when when he's an old man, like he doesn't remember anything who anybody is stuff like that. You know, even Jim Knight heart that was the case with him. It's just it's, it's a rough rough deal. Guess we all got to do something, but y'all, Amy got to do something. But then there are other guys that it's just like the shit that they do like fucking. Like Tanaka still fucking out there still at it, and this is a guy him and Mike awesome every fucking night. Just obliterating each other. Just the most brutal outrageous unnecessary hardcore matches that you can imagine. Then he's fit as a fiddle. You never know the uncertainty is the most uncertain thing about the thing that is uncertain. While sure words you've ever wrestling Marty. Yeah. Yeah, he's just are you ready for this? What Vince is favorite wrestler? Yeah, will Osprey. Oh my God. Can you fucking believe it? He's just doing that to fuck with my asked him. I said, are you fucking with me? And he said, no, it's legit and quite a cliffhanger for next week. What of we're gonna hear his full explanation? Oh, well, he might be. I'm gonna make this about me. I think.

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