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Once again, they'll be worn all the way through by the end of this race meeting, but a lap and a half ago. Richard Holmes Williams still leading this race will how with just coming in second place. Third for charleena's bit fourth for some clouds. Fifth, full, John berko, very close. One of the quick have items out there at the moment will how it though second-quickest Richard Williams, just relishing these conditions with well, just up to go through the wants to game Sarramon clouds all over the back now. All charleena's bit. He's four fourth place in Johm Paco as day in fifth places. Well, so we have a right on jump back. Look, looking on the inside of Simon clouds and gets it on downs, turn five. We gotta crusher, yellow flags out at the top of the circuit. Richard Williams is still leading. They just about a so precarious out there. Trundling trying to get any grip. You can't change the position that is John buckle going. That's John Bucko into third place. Now he's gonna head of, yes, he has gone ahead of charleena's as well as sarin class. Simon classy Nesbitt. They come to the line only a lap to go, really? They right has very, very tricky now down failed. Who is it going to be? We know who is going to win this race. It's as going to be which zillions if you can keep you told each untidy, he use the middle portion of the circuit, another exquisite ride in the west form. Richard, I'm willing tears done the job just right loss corner to negotiate safely and he's done it. Richard Williams. He is king of the way I've got say he's doing everything just right across the line behind him. We should see we'll Howarth in second place unless he has been called an pass by John buckle. We can't quite see through the Merck in the mist. But between us and where they are out circuit will how just play Sam clouds who is a lap down. We'll house looks to me like he is going to take that second place. Jump buckle has not quite got close enough to. Down on that Sam clouds. He's already down anyway. Sam Clough's has gone down Vaud up. Okay. John buckle gets third, and he was Johnny nets becomes go long full, Simon clouds, unaware. He's done this on pulling class. Maybe songs has gone on somewhere. Maybe he was the yellow flag. He's well down the order, Mitch Williams with another fantastic results. In the way from result, their full Williams, Josh Bannister, he joined us well, sunny, glad your not very now. Aren't you. Play difficult conditions over the course of the weekend around six of the championship full. The clown eagles around as highlights of this races started out moderately drawing, getting underway the first time of our skin coin, clean through the first corners, and then the story of the race to bake black cloud above the circuits decided to open side by side action up and down the field and the forty a motor teams, the rain Sunday, living down with a Blohm, and then only going heavier and heavier and heavier Momo vita struggling right at the end. The few writers having some miss out including charleena's bit knowing characteristic mistake, nonetheless, though we won't see more action for them. I will to male Richard Williams. I another victory and will be more than delighted with Lert over the line. Fortunately, thirty-one having just a slight mishap getting back underway once again and not a problem for the rest. Of the day. They're gonna go join off for the final time and we're racing for the final time around six of the two thousand eighteen bracing British many by championships for the senior mini.

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