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I mean, that's really pretty creepy. Creepy Creedy similar to this happened to me when I was a kid. One year for my birthday. I got this group of very unusual birthday gifts. I got my brother. I lived in England at the time my brother's game the flies again, my brother s the I'm trying to get my brother gave me a cupboard and covered by. Yeah. Okay. I got it. Yeah. I mean, we got information to life in it. Yeah. Those were great. Yeah. This kid. I wanted more information I want so much more information just about the doll put about the wand. What's the core? Is it a unicorn tail what how are you in? Are. You a raven claw. We need. This information door alva- you'd floor been Dorf is not one of the hour is croup endorphin drive. Yes. It's Crippen door strive. Wow. Okay. So great story. Very creepy. How Brian do? You wanna present us with the numbers? If you do include Harry Potter, ones, end tuktuks. Yeah. Yeah. I can give you a couple of fun. Little one thing. I would love to hear a fun little one. So someone says that they have a replica her Miami one that they keep on their nightstand. It has a button that lights up the tip and she uses it as a flashlight to factor. You're gonna have a wanted my nightstand. And chip. Humbly one listener makes their own custom ones that you can.

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