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Odu problems for Pittsburgh school superintendent Anthony Hamlett city controller. Michael lamb today filed a state ethics board complaint against hamlet for failure to file financial interest statements statements were, due to the school solicitor for twenty seventeen and twenty eighteen according to lamb a has already under investigation for a side trip to Cuba. It was not authorized by the school board statement from the school district is a few moments ago, says the superintendent never received a memo that those forms were do it says he filled them out and filed them this afternoon. Judge is allowed Missouri's last abortion clinic to remain open for now. The facilities license was due to expire at midnight. It was a dispute with Missouri's health department. The judge ordered a temporary. Stay CBS news. Reporter Kate Smith says there is precedent for this ruling a little bit of precedent here. So very similar situations and Kentucky. And then also Mississippi. Those are two states that also were down to just one abortion clinic and both of those cases, both a circuit court and eventually a federal court ruled that you have to have an abortion clinic in a state more mix car could end up costing you more. Thanks to some new propose tariffs on Mexican imports. Details from Katie KYW radio's Melinda Roeder, Mexico is America's largest trade partner, but President Trump says unless the country does something to stop illegal immigration into the US hill, impose a new five percent tariff starting June tenth financial analyst, Rick Applegate, explains. Why our Bank accounts could end up taking a hit to vegetables? Does you have a lot of the trucks and cars today, manufactured in an assembled in Mexico, and that trade tax could jump incrementally up to twenty five percent by October? Melinda Roeder, NewsRadio ten twenty Katie k trying to get a gun into the allegany county courthouse. This time a lawyer post gazette reports. Brent mccune was stopped at the Ross street entrance morning, deputies say a handgun in his bag was seen as it went through the scanning machine fifty eight-year-old mccune telling the paper he forgot it was there. He says he's in Paris, while the TSA is stopped a man from bringing a loaded gun into a plane at Arnold Palmer regional airport in Latrobe. The three eighty caliber gun and a folding knife, or in his carry on bag, both confiscated the man detained he could face charges, or a fine commuters, and theatergoers are going to have to work a little harder to park in the cultural district until next year. The ninth Penn garage closes tonight for demolition Pittsburgh parking authority, executive director David Onarato, telling Katie k radio the shortage will be worth it in the long run, it'll be tight for a while, but for it for the improvement, we're going to be garage. We'll be out of that one hundred spaces. What we're done with the project that'll be by the end of next year. This is the first phase of a twenty five billion dollar project to replace five garages over the next five to ten years on wall. St. today, Hefferin Tillerson says things were hit hard that Allen dust royals down three hundred fifty four points, standing at twenty four thousand eight fifteen the NASDAQ dropped one hundred fourteen points and sports pirates brewers tonight over at PNC bucks..

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