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No not Helen Hunt. Other one. Bonnie Bonnie Hunt. Known Bonnie Oh Lord. What's her name? The southern one? Oh. Sir. Mary, Fuck Kill Holly Hunter Bonnie Hut. Wow. Mary Fuck, kill. Mary Holly Hunter Fuck Helen Hunt. Kill Bonny Hunt. Answer Yeah. I'll repeat cheaper by the dozen. Cheap what into. One End to one and to what are how Bonnie Hoods Doing Arthur? She's probably challenge yet. Show for awhile. By Hunt Show, it was awesome cock. Show I think. I'll what channel NBC I believe? Really now yeah, and if. You don't think of Bunny. Hunters Simone people will be like you should watch that show, but it happened. Guess people looking out for her best good. Long! She's got people looking out for her. That's what matters to body leads. But Yeah I really Love Square in the wheel, and also I think that. Listen. I saw that I saw marriage story and I was like I. Feel like you said if you had to say about divorce was good bewail. Well Okay I. DO Think I. do think those movies are interesting together because it's like one is so clearly drying from his parents, divorce and one is so clearly drying. Orally and PSYCHOTIC psychotically merged. And it's good in the whale. It's like there is like. I think that the the like similarities between those two movies are just as interesting as the differences between those two movies where it's like the the Noah Baumbach stand in. In those movies like. Or at least the movie itself like the movie himself kind of like. Has so much? I don't WanNa. Say Love, but it kind of is cares for each of the people in. Relationship. Yes, absolutely and even in marriage story when they're like literally screaming at each other, it's like. I personally, whereas like out people in we were like stay may everyone that movie makes your hand look like a bitch and I was like I. Don't know if we watch the same. Yeah movie like I think it, it takes like. So much care to to like make a movie. That isn't just like Kramer versus Kramer where it's like the MOMS split. A movie about like the Dad. Even good in the world. It's like the dad is kind of goes off the rails, but like. There's so much like the main characters still. It's like his parents, so there's still like so much love going in both directions still remember. Laura dern won an Oscar for marriage story, okay? She wanted Oscar for taking off her jacket in the courtroom. I. Think that that's crazy. I love resolved thinking that that's crazy. That's one of those things though where it's like so obvious that it was like. Okay so Laura dern has little women and marriage store in the same year. We've never really given hurt Oscars alike now. We're just GONNA. Go ahead and give it to her. Yeah, yeah, he also is kind of incredible, and that's where she meets. Scarlett Johansson she. She was often like on the couch was if it was between her and Joe Joe Rabbit that Ed. I'm glad it was her. There was no one one that's Jewish in unless unless we gave it to Ford's Pew. Even no one really no one wins when the family pews. You? Yeah Yeah I know Do you. WanNa talk speaking of marriage story to talk about Noah. Baumbach messy. Life I think it's. I think it's time. Men really just give just be hot to people. This is putting if I pulled this mess. Eighty so crazy, also because it's like. He's not that high he. Hit. Was Normal Looking motherfucker. Book more. Looks like if Jason Schwartzman. Like if you if you say on the edges of Jason Schwartzman him look more normal. Just like why are these women like? Why is bigger with breaking up a marriage? Okay, I should say allegedly breaking up a marriage, because the allegedly bringing up alleged the the official party line is that they did not start seeing each other until after Noah. Baumbach left a pregnant Jennifer. Jason Leigh. That being that's that's still not good. That being said I'm more realistic. Timeline is that he was cheating on? Jennifer Jason Leigh with Greta Gerwig while she wall cement while they were making Greenberg, which is a movie that people fucking love for some reason it makes so deeply uncomfortable. By podcast they'll be fry wrote an article about Greenberg that. I'll never forgive I love her and respect her. Never forgive her for that Greenberg article. Okay podcast, David Sims is also fucking obsessed with Greenberg loves. It loves the Shit. Is One of those things I'm like I'm missing the point. I don't think so though, but I think I just don't love Greenberg and I'm allowed to be like no, and that's kind of one of the interesting things I. Think about no back where it's like. You know because he's like a white Oh tour. He's allowed to like. Do kind of all these different things where it's like where it's like. Some of his movies I'm like this is brilliant us in some of his movies. I'm like I hate this like while we're young, is actually like one of the worst movies I've ever seen and was going to ask you about that. We'll get to it, but then. They're like Meyer would. Story does good but like. And then there's ones where I'm like. Do I just not get what's going on here? Yeah? What am I follow this on Francis? I mean obviously for you know whatever, but that was definitely one of the ones where I was like am I. Not Getting it or do I and I get that that I get that. This isn't for me and so I just don't and I and I also think it's interesting because I'm like I sometimes I can't tell because people love to be like Noah back does the same thing every time and I'm like if that were true, all of these movies would be more consistently like one way or the other and like I could tell if I'm stupid or those people are stupid hard. It's hard you. Will just this point of not knowing if you're stupid or not, that's incredibly hard. I also I will say like I mean like. 'cause I. Just heard myself say it's not from me, which also I mean like you and I have talked about it before. Probably on pods like listen I love movie. Everybody's white. Oh, I'll eat that. Shit off this list. Some movies should be all white. People shouldn't just be all white people, and that's five totally fine. Thank you, thank you I. Say I. In our young is not one of those movies though. which just the thing is not one of those reimbursed is not one of those movies like the fact, even that like marriage story is like that is insane yeah? I wasn't Regina King. Laura dern. An interesting that like who is the Parker? Posey black people visit.

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