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F s one where the guys were talking about there being like brazilian fans who wanted to see messy win. And i'm gonna just like. I like john strong. Do holden so i'm going to. I'm going to believe them. Although it's impossible for me to believe that not in a in country like brazil actual plenty of brazilians. Appreciate what mris but that is going to fair. That's what i thought not buying that. I'd like to know of brazilians that we're talking to. Yeah i thought similarly so props to messy he. He shared the golden ball for this tournament. I believe it was him and neymar. That both took home. The honors fittingly. Both they're good friends so yeah and they embraced afterwards Look to be a pretty long embraced nice moment. But they both had very good tournaments. Both messy had in the end. Four goals five assists which is phenomenal over the course of fairly short tournament. I think they both created twenty one chances. Both both guys are brilliant players and the final was interesting. Because like you said. Jj of echoed a lot of the tournament in that like obviously the second half the last ten minutes of that game riveting because it felt like a goal was coming from either team. Messy was one with the keeper score so it felt like something was gonna happen and in the end it didn't so the last ten minutes were riveting but god. The first half was tough to watch. Twenty-one fouls i mean it was like it was just like every ten seconds whistle whistle hard foul argument between player. There was no flow to it at ask. This is rough. There was only. I mean between them. They only mustered four shots on target to each the whole ninety minutes. So you know now. Live to ron manager for some additional thoughts on cup finals finals. Aren't they tough. Aren't they never know who's going to win. Oh that was a nasty foul brazilian. Wasn't he loved that guy the grid characters. Yeah and like. I said the other guy. I wanted to mention this. I mentioned before unhealthy. Maria scoring the winning goal. He was kind of pushed out almost of the argentinian picture. Like we talk a little bit. Sometimes about thomas muller mats hummels guys who were kind of out of the german picture and they were brought back in it. Felt like de maria was trending in that direction and even still i think this is only his second start in this tournament like he's not for argentina. It doesn't seem all the time that he is what he is for. Ps g so that had to feel good for him like you said it. Kinda came somewhat courtesy of brazilian mistake. But he had a lot to do with it. Great ship of the keeper and it snapped a career-long thirteen games scoring drought for him with argentina. It was his first goal. Jj for argentina since the two thousand eighteen world cup game against france that What was four three that one. Yeah the four three and he scored an absolutely brilliant golden game. Yeah so. I felt good for him as well. I'm sure that was you know. I think i saw a quote beforehand of messy de maria said after the match that nessie had told him before the game. This is your final and de. Maria took that clearly to heart and scored finished brilliantly. Absolutely brilliant with the with. Edison common flying on him. It was really really good this weekend. Between br like brazil argentina at americana and then the next day england italy at wembley both cup finals like god. What a weekend this was. I'm going to have serious post-tournament blues. I think stop sorry. Us in action like people have probably seen it by the time that this is aaron. Speaking of wit don't get bored. I can name the team if you'd like. Yeah i guess. We are within an hour of kickoff matt. Turner and gold sam vines walker zimmerman. Paul arriola josse artis miles robinson jackson. You'll jonathan lewis. Sebastian legit shack. More kellyn acosta. Where for out by deka A lot of players. We've kind of already seen quite a lot of what. Let's not question triple g until we obviously Haiti are dealing with them. Dealing with a lot so I'll be curious to wake up and see how this game. Because i have no idea where it watching the in terms. I don't have a specific preview of this game. That would be pointless because it's going to be played by the time you listen to this just for the tournament is a whole you know. Obviously there are guys that on. I'm curious about. We talked a little bit about that on the podcast where the squad was named but there there are potential world cup qualifying spots on the line. Here that guys can play their way into so like matt turner. Being goal is interesting to me. Now he's not gonna pass stephan or hor vat necessarily but he could work his way possibly being the third keeper and part of their their group moving forward. So i'll be curious about that. Also you know. I don't think bear halter knows what his eleven is yet in this tournament. So you know. i'm sure maybe you're i don't know if you're on twitter right now. If you're seeing a freak out over decay not being included. I would say pump the brakes. They're going to ease their way into this tournament here and as we get in. Hopefully that's out of the group stage. Hopefully try not to be arrogant. Jj that's one of my annual new year's resolutions when it comes to the us soccer but if they get out of the group stage on. i'm sure decay will play a role So we'll see. I will say this about the us. The last thing. i'll say on them like. I hope that this isn't a in terms of an american fan base. That is like rabid over this team. I don't. I personally am not viewing this as a title or bust tournament for them. I think mexico even on the heels of a a nil-nil draw. Start up the tournament against trinidad and tobago and with them even with losing chuck lozano to a bad head injury. That was that was not the. I feel terrible for him. I hope he's okay I still think. I look at that mexican team and i still think that is the clear team to beat in this tournament. They have many of their a-list guys. The us simply does not so. If you know boy. I sound like a loser mentality right now saying this but i'm just trying to like be a little bit grounded here in in realism like this. Us team is just not better than that mexican. So look look we can. We all have different conversation if the us go out prematurely facing mexico. I think that we should be able to handle other opposition but if this comes down to usa mexico situation whether it's the final sunny whatever That's.

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