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Of measles in Clark county, the total number of confirmed cases now twenty four to people are being tested for the disease. And there are no new exposure locations. Two suspects were arrested in an armed robbery of a Rite Aid pharmacy in Oregon city last night place, a twenty one year old Aston keyboard? Enter the pharmacy armed with a knife jumped the counter, he ordered the employees to get on the ground then stole medication as he was running out of the story. Fretting another employee with a knife. Lisa. Keyboard Nyberg ran, but then came back to the store got into a car driven by nineteen year old Jacob Peterson officers pin that car in and the suspects were arrested both facing robbery charges. Born in police released report from Lieutenant Jeff NIA regarding a violent clash between protest groups in two thousand seventeen may is facing criticism for his text messages with Joey Gibson, the leader of patriot prayer Kate. Jackie Labrecque says the report shows there hundreds of additional text messages where Neo was attempting to communicate with both right and left wing protesters. I'll have warned the patriots if they try and come across the street to Chapman. They will be arrested. He writes to one counter protester to another. He writes, quote, may I come find you and say Hello. I hope you know, my face. But I wanna make sure you know, me. However, I do not wanna make anyone uncomfortable. And the response to him was no. We also report about Gibson wrote about Gibson. And the report saying that in prior protests, hit vise Gibson that protesters with patriot prayer with the aggressors against the anarchists. You can read the full report in the city Portland's website. There were explosive interruptions during a listing session last night between Portland leaders in the community where people voice their concerns of the text messages. Michael job book, John Naski tells KTAR news that he hopes that he was heard I hope it was more than.

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